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  1. I re adjusted the float last night and cleaned the carburetor again just to make sure. The spark plug is new. Pulled the reed valves out and one had a piece of gasket maker in it forcing it to stay open. Put it all back together and still nothing. I am getting fuel and spark, but the spark is looking weak now😡.
  2. The new harness came with new everything, stator, coil, rectifier, kill switch, cdi box the whole works. Everything plugged right in, most of the new stuff bolted to the factory locations. I never found anything for a rip cord. I finally go spark last night but not in a conventional way I suppose. Now that i have spark i tried to start it and it keeps flooding itself. So I adjusted the float and now it's not getting any fuel. Also when trying to start exhaust out of the carburetor really bad.
  3. I have a 2004 kymco mongoose 50 two stroke and it was a mess and it didnt run when I got it. There was practically no wiring harness and all of the wires that were there were electrical taped together. Long story short I ordered a aftermarket wiring harness (Complete Wiring Harness Electrics Wire Loom Kit CDI Rectifier Ignition Coil Magneto Stator For GY6) installed it and now I have no spark. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

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