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  2. So we bought three Kymco quads spring of 2017 and put them through the test all summer in north central WA mountains. My boys MXU 270 surprised the hell out me several times when I thought for sure id have to pull it through some muddy spots but he cruised on though like it was 4 wheel drive(which it isn't). Really a well built great beginner quad even for younger riders as it comes with the restrictor rings that only allow for about 25mph till they are ready for higher speeds which this tops out at about 45mph which is plenty for mountain trails. The wife's MXU450i is about the smoothest running, and shifting quad I have ever been on. Has great pep for a 450 and with on the fly 4x4 she has gotten up every where I've gone(despite my best efforts). She is only 5' tall and really likes the narrower seat on the 450, something to keep in mind if your considering a 500 as that will put you on the wider body which may not be as comfortable a ride for some. I really have only have one complaint about my 700i and that it isn't a 1000 . Super comfortable to ride and plenty of power. Rode these all season with no issues what so ever. To be honest the quality of these machines is definitely comparable to Yamaha, Suzuki, or Arcticat. The main reason I bought these was the price. I was able to score all three for about $14,500 after tax as the dealer had been sitting on them for about a year since no one around here wanted to take a chance on an unknown brand which worked out very well for me. The mxu270 came with decent undercarriage guards and plates but the skid plates on the 450 and 700 are plastic so defiantly replace if your riding in rocky areas. I made mine out of 3/16'' aluminum using the plastic plates that came on them as a template. Only took about $100 and a weekend but you can also buy these if your not a cheap as I am.

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