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  1. If I remember Kymco is Korean. Mine is still running but battery is finally shot. Never any issues and am surprised they haven’t taken off a little more. KIA has gone up in price and demand but so far kymco is relatively unknown in the states. Still big in Europe, Russia and Australia though.
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  3. Here's another site to get parts from. Polaris Parts, KTM Parts, Arctic Cat Parts, Yamaha Parts, Kawasaki Parts, Parts Pit Stop
  4. Sorry for the delay but yes I did buy a kymco mxu 450i 2012 for $4,000 OTD. Put a plows on it with a universal mounting kit and got to push some snow last year. Only has a 48" blade but it pushes the snow like it isn't even there. I have drove about 80 miles only on it so far but runs good drives nice and as much as I figure I will use it it will be more than enough wheeler for me. As mentioned parts aren't "easy" to come by unless you go thru the dealer. There's three within 75 miles from me (I live in the boonies) or this website which seems to give you access to anything. Kymco Utility ATV Parts There is a ATV repair place about 8 miles from me on a nice stretch on the highway and he is looking into starting to sell ATV's and he wants to start with Kymco because of the price to get a franchise, local market, and he owns a couple of kymcos and says they are better than the new polaris since they moved to mexico and in the same league as AC, and Kawi for a lot less. I look at it like this my buddy spent 10k+ on a Can Am and he had that thing in the shop a half a dozen times the first 250 miles and he does not beat on anything he owns. Mine starts right up and I spent 4k. Trust me if I have any problems I will post them far and wide on the internet but so far so good. Good luck!
  5. Went to neal motorsports in long prairie minnesota and they had one 2012 brand new for $4,000. Too good of a deal to pass on. They are making room for the 2014 so they all had great deals but it was the last 2012 they had. They had a 2013 700I LE for $6,450 I almost pulled the trigger on but figured I'd start with the 450I since it's my first atv. Warn plow and winch kit $579 with shipping and probably 3 hours for an install. So far she runs like a top and I have a year to ad on the 4 year extended warranty for $580. The way she runs I might just keep my money. I haven't topped her off yet but I can get up to 35 without even trying. Easy steering feels much better than my parents foreman which after a drive I can feel it in my shoulders. I really can't wait to get the plow in to see how she pushes snow and in a few months I can see how she handles in the mud!!
  6. In the next 30 days. If I go the kymco route. If I decide to go grizzly or foreman probably a year.
  7. The problem is I don't know squat about small engines so I can't do much on figuring what us wrong if it's busted. That's why I'd rather get new so I can see how much I use it trouble free if it gets a lot of use give it to my wife in a few years and buy something bigger. But for now I really just want to know what people with kymcos think about their wheeler.
  8. My friend bought a used quad thought he got a good deal and a month later he blew the engine and cost him over 2k to rebuild. A used honda 10 years old doesn't sound appealing.
  9. Newbie to this forum and to riding. Looking to buy my very first atv and I have a budget and prefer new since I don't want to buy someone else's junk. A place a couple if hours from me has some 2013 kymco wheelers on clearance to make room for 2014 models. So he has a 450i mxu 4x4 for $4,500. 450i maxxer 4x4 for $5k. And a 500i mxu 4x4 for $4,800. That's his OTD price I pay taxes and registration on my own. Since this is my first wheeler I don't want to spend more that $5k and these have a 1 year warranty and I can extend it to 6 years for $850. The guy says these are just arctic cats for 20 percent less. According to him they have been making 500 and smaller atvs for arctic cat and Kawasaki for years now. I'm really just going to use this to plow and do trail riding. Any experience with them?

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