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  1. I have no idea what you mean but yes, your machine is a LT50.
  2. Maybe we can get together! I'm 60 and still bang it pretty good on my beloved 2-fiddy-R. I have been to Silver Lake to ride the "dune". lol
  3. Thee is no suspension on them old ones. I call them rough riders. Old Honda's and others were all the same back then. Understand that with those big groove tires, they grab traction. A solid axel with those tires will be a lil harder to turn. One or the other rear wheel has to break loose when turning with any tire. IMO, you need to learn to "ride" the machine not just sit on it. Meaning that you will need to shift your weight forward, backward, side to side, to get any machine to do what you want.
  4. Tiwanese. Not Korean. Kymco and Honda have business roots together.
  5. They do swell. This is why a meticulous break in is needed with a Wiseco. Personnaly I like stock (cast) pistons.
  6. A cvt for racing??? I suppose the big 4x4's in XC racing. Anyways, if you ride steep terrain, shifting in the middle of a hill sucks and possibly dangerous. A CVT is highly dependable and is always in the right gear (ratio). You'll think of this when on a hill, trust me on that. I love Honda's but my Rancher will be the last one for me till they (honda) comes out with a CVT. Even their auto shift still has that second of loss of momentum when shifting.
  7. FYI, Artic cat uses the complete Kymco machines, not just the motors.
  8. It is seizing imo. Does the auto injection oiler work? Which way did you point the arrow on the piston? Did you rebuild with a china kit? Anyways (just read last reply) how did the cylinder look? Intake side stuck and grooved the cylinder eh...?? Watch the plug going with the 90 main. Should check the compression on the honed cylinder.
  9. I agree with your health coverage 100% Dave. As for the tax thing, something needed changed. Good or bad for who, we'll see but at least something is changing.
  10. Business is up. Jobs are up. Local donut shop just did a 3 million add on and tells me they need ppl bad. I don't expect miracles in a year. I'm good.
  11. Oh boy, Get that wallet ready LOL. Mods are mild to wild. The Apex is the most race ready machine out of the box. 2nd is the DRR. Both good machines and the only 2 worth racing these days. Check out: mini quad fanatics on facebook. You might get overwhelmed (as they get excited at times) but good info and maybe a race ready machine for sale at thousands less that a build. Hetrick racing (.com) can surely help a lot.
  12. It won't hurt to warm it but I don't know how much it will really help. A good whack with a hammer on the bolts first usually helps.

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