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  1. Anyone from here have any good spots to ride
  2. afa913

    ATV Carburetor Tuning How To

    go off the specs in the service manual to start with
  3. afa913

    Just here for manual

    me tooo
  4. afa913

    Honda 400ex rear carrier

    Am i better off to just replace the bearings or buy the whole carrier?
  5. Anyone know a place i can find a used stock pipe for a 400ex? I would love to find a take off
  6. afa913

    A Jewish 400ex cylinder head?

    Im gonna pull my head in a couple days, Now im curious
  7. Do the small 50cc's have a way to set the speed. Im wanting to get one for my kid and i need to set it to go slow. I know the chinese knock off fourwheelers do but i dont really want one of those
  8. afa913

    How did you get into Quads?

    Rode when i was young, now 35 i finally got one, needs some work but my son and i will enjoy it soon
  9. afa913

    Truth about cheap top end kits

    Well i ordered a kit, hopefully it will work out. Ill post a review next week after i get it installed What about break-in procedures after a new kit. Any suggestions. Seems like there are lots of mixed feeling on this subject when i search the net
  10. I have an old 400ex that needs the top end rebuilt, Does anyone have any real life experience with the cheaper ebay or amazon top end kits. I know most will probably say to stay away from them. I dont have a lot of money into this bike and it isnt worth putting a whole lot into is why i ask. It doesnt get raced or road hard, my son and i just drive around the fields. thanks for any help