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  2. Well, i found the breather tube that i tucked away up in the front of the plastic when i did the top end, i guess i just forgot about it, Hooked it up and ran great with no smoke. Oil level was perfect and oil was nice and clean. Also after the break in process had to adjust the valves again. They were loud as hell after about an hour of run time. Seems like everything is working as it should now..... Thanks everyone for the tips
  3. Hope it doesnt need a top overhual since thats what i just did. I did more research and there is a tube that comes off the valve cover and goes into the top of the oil tank. I explained it as smoke but i guess a better way to describe it would be steam
  4. ok, thanks guys. I havent checked the oil yet because i had been riding it and wasnt sure if it would be accurate. The manual says to let it idle without throttle for 10 minutes before checking
  5. anyone knowwhati need to look at if my 400ex is smoking out of the breather on the valve cover. I just put a new top end in and it runs great other than that. Too much oil? Is the breather suppose to have a hose on it? Mine doesnt
  6. Anyone from here have any good spots to ride
  7. Am i better off to just replace the bearings or buy the whole carrier?
  8. Anyone know a place i can find a used stock pipe for a 400ex? I would love to find a take off
  9. Im gonna pull my head in a couple days, Now im curious
  10. Do the small 50cc's have a way to set the speed. Im wanting to get one for my kid and i need to set it to go slow. I know the chinese knock off fourwheelers do but i dont really want one of those
  11. Rode when i was young, now 35 i finally got one, needs some work but my son and i will enjoy it soon
  12. Well i ordered a kit, hopefully it will work out. Ill post a review next week after i get it installed What about break-in procedures after a new kit. Any suggestions. Seems like there are lots of mixed feeling on this subject when i search the net
  13. I have an old 400ex that needs the top end rebuilt, Does anyone have any real life experience with the cheaper ebay or amazon top end kits. I know most will probably say to stay away from them. I dont have a lot of money into this bike and it isnt worth putting a whole lot into is why i ask. It doesnt get raced or road hard, my son and i just drive around the fields. thanks for any help

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