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  2. Thanks for the lesson Kent. I'm happy that it runs, so I think I will add some weight to the front and just enjoy it. Wouldn't you know I chose one like this for my first machine! On the bright side, if I can master this, imagine how much I will enjoy myself when I upgrade! Thanks for all the help guys!
  3. Oh maybe that would help. Now that I think, I did inflate the back but not the front. I'll check the pressure in all the tires. I think they are only supposed to be like 2 or 3 lbs.
  4. Thanks LT80. That's good feedback for sure. I thought I was crazy not finding any suspension. Knowing that I have to work to drive it will make a difference. Maybe I'll sell it and get one that us old guys can just sit on. Thanks!
  5. OK Frank, let's see if we can narrow this down a little more. The front tires are like new, very deep knobs with sharp well defined edges. I tried to find the rear shocks to make sure they are traveling like they should, BUT THERE AREN"T ANY!?!? So I took this picture pointing to what looks like the only connection other than where the frame actually bolts to the rear axle. I'm wondering if this should move (pivot) providing some travel so to speak. If there were a bushing here and it moved maybe that would be considered a "suspension" ? As of now, the frame of this bike is rigid in the back. Shocks up front work fine, but no suspension in the back. The only movement comes from the bouncing of the tires. Rear tires are 22 inch, front tires are 21 inch, just like the drawings call for. In looking at the drawings on Suzukipartshouse.com I can't see any suspension parts for the rear. https://www.suzukipartshouse.com/oemparts/l/suz/50d084d2f870022710159dc2/1985-lt230g-parts So I am stuck. Any ideas? If anyone out there has a early model (mid 80's) LT230 can you let me know if there is supposed to be some sort of suspension in the rear end?
  6. Dang. Sure was hoping for a cheaper solution. I will check around for new tires of the same size. I see what you mean about the old ones maybe being rounded. The back tires are really nice, they have a deep v like mud tires. The front ones, now that I look, might be original just based on the style of the tread. Anyway, I will look around and see if I can get some cheaper. Thanks Frank, I appreciate the feedback, especially on the setup looking correct.
  7. All the tires look good, lots of tread. They are definitely replacements from the original. I saw another picture of a guy riding a LT230 and the back tires were much larger than the front. Mine don't look nearly as big.
  8. Well, I am about 220 pounds, and I would say I am sitting on the front half of the seat, definitely not on the back of it. It seems like a natural riding position. The frame of this bike is not as big as the newer ones that look really big, but it sure doesn't seem like it's only for little people. The suspension seems to move freely up and down, both front and back.
  9. This is a strange question maybe. I just finished cleaning my old barn find Suzuki. I think it's a 1985. LT230 shaft drive. Started it up and other than making some carb adjustments (well, I think that's all I have to do) it runs fine. But as I drove it around the yard I noticed that it is hard to steer. The front tires seem like they are barely touching the ground! The handle bar moves fine and the wheels turn, but the tires don't grip the grass. When I lean forward as far as I can the tires actually bite into the grass and turn the bike. When I sit on the bike it just plows straight ahead. Has anyone seem anything like this? I wonder if the back tires are too small, causing the bike to lean backwards. Does anyone have the specs on what size tires I should have? Thanks for any help provided...
  10. Good idea! Thanks Frank. Have a great day...I know I will!!!!
  11. Thanks Frank. I think I will buy a few different metric sizes and see which one fits. There is nothing below this spot, so too long won't be a problem. I coudn't find any other screws the same size so you idea is probably shortest route. This is the last thing before I can take it out and start riding. I started it up yesterday and it runs great. I can't wait to finally be a quad rider!
  12. I hope someone can help me with this. I recently finished cleaning up an old barn find Quadrunner 230 Shaft drive. The only thing I lost during the process was the screw that holds the airbox cover in place. The suzuki part number seems to be 02142-0516A. Naturally I would rather pick one up locally, but I can't find a description of what size the screw is. I have tries everything in my bin of leftover screws, and nothing fits. So the question is, does anyone know what size this screw is, or can anyone tell me how to find out? I have searched google for cross reference and come up empty. Thanks for any help!
  13. OK thanks guys. I posted this on another thread yesterday, maybe you could take a look and see what you think.... I just joined the forum and you're the only guy I have found with a LT230. I have a barn find that I have been tinkering with, I think it's about ready to go. I rebuilt the carb, drained the gas tank, changed oil and filter, new air filter (well, sort of...had to adapt a Honda filter, couldn't find original). I also had to loosen the throttle cable, it was seized. Mine is a QuanRunner, not Racer. Yours looks very nice, mine is pretty dirty. The mice were living in it for quite a while! Can you think of anything else I should do, check, change, before I try to fire it up? It looks like people generally burn 32:1 so I think that's what I will start with. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Oh, one other thing. There is a small hose that comes off the top of the carburetor, I'm thinking it's a vent of some kind. Do you happen to know where that routes to? I don't see any obvious place for it.
  14. AJMBOY, I just filled my LT230 with regular motor oil. Will it hurt the machine if I only run an hour or two to see if it's worth putting more money into?
  15. I just realized that the picture above isn't your bike! I will keep looking for a LT230 owner to ask my questions...

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