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  2. ah ok thanks for the reply, i just changed the oil and put motor oil in her. guess its a trip to the store to get the right oil and rebuild kit for the carb. on the fill tube for the oil it just says 10w40 so i thought it would of been reg. oil. now i know better.
  3. ok my friend keeps his quad at my house since he lives in town all i have to do is keep it maintained. so the other day we were riding and noticed it was getting harder to shift. now stupid question, i know where you put the motor oil in and thats good to go but is there trany fluid or any thing like that? if not where would i start in figuring out why its hard to shift. another thing is it wont idle right, tried adjusting the idle adjustment on it but just wont do it. think i need to get it apart and clean it up. also is there any thing else i need to do to keep this thing up and running?

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