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  1. they are bolts, if they were studs I would just be soaking them with penetrating oil
  2. these are blind bolts, into the head. penetrating oil isn't going to help. I think I'm just going to try and adapt the old pipe to the new without taking the flange loose.
  3. I need new exhaust on my 92? 250 Timberwolf. I am afraid that I will snap the bolts off in the head when I try to loosen them. I was wondering if it might be better to warm the engine up first as the aluminum should expand more than the steel bolts
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  5. the best I can make out the ujoint must be pressed on and off on the atv, no removing the yokes until the ujoints are out. Is there a special tool for this? I am thinking about modifying a balljoint tool if it will fit in the space around the ujoint
  6. Hi, I am a new guy to the forum with just a little experience riding atvs.I have a 94(I think) 4x4 Timberwolf and I need to replace the ujoints on the front driveshaft. I broke one of the yokes and have found a couple on ebay. Is there a way to get the yokes off with the ujoints in place or is there a trick to take the ujoints apart with the driveshaft in place? I have replaced many ujoints on cars but never on an atv and I am confused on how to go about it. any pointers are much appreciated

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