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  2. Make sure exhaust is not plugged, possibly the spark arrestor?
  3. Good luck with the big bear, I just bought a 97 big bear 350, I really like mine so far. Seem to be great machines.
  4. Just bought mine to work around the house, but hopefully can start riding some trails in the near future.
  5. Thanks for the manuals, that will be helpful for those of us with older quads. Todd
  6. Sorry I see I posted in wrong forum, still a newby Todd
  7. Hello, I am new to quads, I do not have a manual and I just bought a 97 yamaha 350 big bear. I was going to do some main before really using it. Does anyone know the correct Engine weight recommended and qty. Thanks, Todd
  8. Hello all, I am new to the atv world, just bought a 96 yamaha big bear. Looking to learn a lot on this site, and start riding soon. Thanks, todd

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