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  1. Thanks Frank I was at our hunting lease this morning and took a look at the machine. As you said the shift linkage was bent. Tracking through the gears I could see it was only about a 1/8” from locking took it off and after several small adjustments it dropped into place. Thanks. Now to replace the boot jim
  2. Yike, I was chain harrowing my food plot with my 2018 Textron Alterra 500 ATV when a tree limb snaked between my left drive shaft and the steering arm passed through the machine and extended out the back about 6 feet before I could stop. The large end snaped and burried itself in the ground. I carry emergence tools and used a hand chain saw to cut it in several pieces and removed the pole. The grease seals are shreeded, which looked like the only damage, however, when I started the machine the shift lever had been bent or moved. nutural is now reverse, forward is nutral and low is high forward. All that to ask, can I just pull the lever back or how to fix. Its hunting season so I do not want down time until Jamuary. If this is a big job can I run without damaging the transmission. I will fassion a temp boot seal. So what do I do Jim
  3. I just got a 2018 Alterra 500, read the corporate reasoning for the name change and seemed solid and looks like they are committed to the off road world. M2C
  4. I have stripped out the rear end, anyone know of where to get a used one or what new will cost jim
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  6. No not really, I do just let it idle a while so its warm then it shifts fine. Still interested in a hand shifter if anyone has used one. Jim
  7. Greetings, I have a 1998 Yamaha big bear 350, new to this. When its cold it is very difficult to shift. Once its warm its ok, however, my old feet don't like the shifting. I saw on ebay a hand shifter conversion kit. Any advice, I live in the Low Country of SC no hills, I use the machine around the farm for corning and scouting. Thanks, Jim

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