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    Hello everyone, Im new here, this is my first post and Im trying to figure out how evrything works on this site so I please let me know if Im doing anything wrong. I have a couple Yamaha's but this post is in regards to my 02 Grizzly 660, I have an electrical draw somewhere that is taking my new battery down rather quickly. I have tried to locate any short by checking each circuit but was not able to locate it that way. Im installing a battery cut off switch which brings me to my first question, dont these switches usually go on the Negative terminal? My next question is, can anyone tell me if this year and model has any history of electrical shorts that might help me locate the culprit? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Finally, Im looking forward to being a member of this site and hopefully helping others as well as learning some things myself, so greetings to all! Best wishes to everyone!
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    hey yall jus pokin my head in On my way thru saw this thread seems to be hoverin over Ark..... Ft Smith area here.... newbie to site .... old guy ridin a yfz450....ish.... 😁 nice to see yall have a blessed day
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    We got HEAT in Grizzly Cave! Thanks to Brandon Pitcher Make sure to give this video a like and commment on youtube! It helps us grow! Road to 3k Subs lets goooo
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    Hi. You can't fit a regular clear plastic filter to a fuel injected bike.. They have about forty pounds of pressure in the lines and it could burst and start a fire. I'd be suspecting an electronic fault. That time related aspect sounds like an electronic component getting hot then failing, then cooling and starting to work again. I'd suspect cdi or ecu. That said, there was a case in here the other week that turned out to be a tight valve clearance. Checking the valve clearance would be a good idea. And, in all problem diagnosis they always say as the first step.. do a standard tune and check everything is to specs.. So fuel pressure, voltage, aircleaner, tank vents .. It's boring but you really want to know everything's right before you start fitting parts..
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    Hello, I own a small farm in north central Missouri. I mainly ride my 02 Grizzly 660, which is pretty much stock right now but will be getting some upgrades. It does have a 3500 lb. winch and heated grips. I also have an 87 Big Bear 400 that I use for fencing and other chores around my farm, its also for visitors to ride.
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    @Dra O Sorry for the late reply. There has been some things going on here and I have been very busy. I bought a 2002 Polaris Ranger 2x4. I traded my old Jeep in for a 2018 Ford F150 AND I got a new puppy for Christmas so my time has been limited. I'm crate training him to be a house dog.
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    New to the site, from Winston-Salem, NC
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    not sure why everyone needs ten posts or comments or whatever to be able to access download link. i been a member for over a year and i have nothing to contribute that hasnt already been addressed/resolved.
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    Ok so there is an injector on the bike. There are a few things to look at. 1. Could be a bad injector that quits after it gets hot. 2. Fuel pump is quitting after that 10 min period. Have you turned the key off and back on to see of it re starts? And if so when you turn it off and turn the key back on listen for the pump coming on. Its a low sound so listen carefully. Should be a hissing sound for about 3 seconds or so. If you don't hear that then it may be a pump or relay issue that's getting hot. Every time i turn my rancher off and the key back on i hear that pump come on for a few seconds before i hit the start button. 3. Your TPS (throttle positioning sensor) could be bad or out of calibration. They sell a calibration tool for that. 4. Im a little stuck on the regulator/rectifier getting hot and causing this. Make a list of the above and tackle one at a time. Im sure i missed a few things to look at and someone will chime in but at least you have a starting point for now.
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    Welcome to Quadcrazy @Susan Makowski-DeGraw Sounds like a fuel issue to me especially if its only 10 mins in when the problem starts. Could be wrong but I would check the fuel delivery first. Since it could be in the tank or the carburetor my first thing would be to cut the fuel line and install an in line clear filter. This will allow you to see two things. 1. If the filter shows no fuel inside then you know the tank has a partial blockage. 2. You will see if the filter is getting dirty. If there is a fuel filter already in place then check/replace it. In addition to this you could be experiencing vapor lock. This happens when the vent hose or hole on the top of the has cap is blocked. It stops fuel from flowing to the carburetor. loosen up the gas cap and and see if the problem stops. If none of that works then it could be inside the carburetor and thats going to take a little work. Nothing you probably couldn't handle! Thats all fuel related items. Electrical: Regulator/rectifier could be heating up and failing. Easy enough to get and change. Its plug and play. Ignition coil could be doing the same and again its easy as the regulator/rectifier to replace. Start with the basic stuff first and go from there. It could be something silly. I always like having a fuel filter in place though so either way I would add one.
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