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  1. LT250R


  2. You missed the pilot circuit when cleaning as its starving for fuel.
  3. LT250R

    No longer a 250 its a 250 chassis with lt500 quadzilla motor ,it flies
  4. LT250R

    No it was an 87 lt250r being tore down to restore its the blue and black one in pics afterwards.
  5. do you have your airfilter cover off or modified? The bigger carb will not run on there with lid on it suffocates.Bump it up 2 over on main and 1 on pilot and do a plug chop.
  6. I had the blue lt250r when i made this name now i have a lt500r and still the 250r name is what i meant.lol And wouldnt trade my zilla for anything newer !!!!
  7. LT250R

    2002 Lt50

    do a compression test tell me what you have how can ya get help if ya dont come back with the results?
  8. LT250R

    2002 Lt50

    if you have a bad crankseal it will suck oil from tranny side and rev to the moon from flywheel side.
  9. yeah im stuck with lt250r even though its a lt500r now grrrr lol
  10. lol i have 6 sunls for the 5 kids got a steal at the time, the motormount bolt on bottom have all been replaced and cracked the motormount flange off on the first before noticing the cause(bolt) But the kid have a blast what can ya say. they wouldnt last 15 mins at the hands of me lmao
  11. only if you get lazy and dont jet it properly,or use junk oil. Now in your case you had 2 of everything so you will be used to the expense...lmao As in how bad i dunno just giving you the heads up on the yfz 450
  12. id look into the yfz450s deep as they require alot of attention valves ect. Ihate all 4 strokes equally so im not just saying this because its a 4 stroke. Goto the yamaha forums scope it out. as for cleaning i stopped being anal i just spray it with wd40 before i go out and hit it with powerwasher when home....You used to be able to eat off this 1987 now .... Its just a quad lmao [/img]
  13. take your tent with ya so you dont have to find your way back lmao

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