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  2. My friend has put his 500 back together and thinks he did not line up the crank balancer correctly. i do not know much about this bike, so can anyone help on this. He said there is a dot or knotch there, just not sure if he lined in back up correctly. Thanks
  3. Thanks, but I have found out what happen, someone change the brushes and switch the field lead inside the starter, so that is why the polirity is changed.
  4. How does a starter clutch work? I have 1992 trx 300 fourtrax, When I use the kick starter the crank mover clock wise (CW), but I think I have some teeth missing because I have to move the kickstarter four or five times to crab in order to kick it. I had to put a new battery in it, so I check the wires first and noticed the wire coming off the starter solinold is going to the starter bolt that mounts it to the case, and the ground wire from the battery is going to the starter stud bolt. I thought this is wrong so I changed them, then the starter would ingage but turn the starter clutch (CCW)
  5. it is a 1992, thanks
  6. I have bought a (mid 90's)honda fourtrax 300, 2wd, shaft drive. First question is the kick start does not always catch, it like every fourth stroke it catches to allow me to kick it over. Second is, the slider in the carburator is not going up and down, when give gas. Third is, how to I find exactley what year it is? Thanks for any help
  7. How could I get my warrior to have a stance like the 660 or 700. Can any of the front end fit on the warrior? Or maybe any of the 450 fit? I think the rear shock of a 660 will fit, but not sure, anyone know anything about changing different front and rear from different styles let me know. If not anyone recommend any aftermarket for it. Jerry
  8. Would happens if the crankcase seal are leaking by, can this cause it not to have vacuum to pull the fuel in the cyclinder?
  9. having issue getting fuel to the cyclinder on my LT50. Any suggestions, How can I check to see if it is making vaccumm?:
  10. [ATTACH]213[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]214[/ATTACH] This hauler was custom my made by my wife uncle for his truck, when I bought the atv's he gave me the hauler. If you look in the project room, you will find my new project sitting on it. It also make a great work platform for the atv's and lawn mower. [ATTACH]215[/ATTACH]
  11. [ATTACH]209[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]210[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]211[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]212[/ATTACH] I paid 150.00 for the 2002 suzuki 50. The guy gave me the motor in a box, I order new piston and rings because it was already broke down, and had the suzuki dealer make sure the rode was ok. I cleaned the head and cyclinder. Just waiting for some factory gaskets and bolts and I will be ready to assemble. The picture of the helmets were just something I threw in. We just got them for Me and my wife and daughter and son.
  12. Great pictures, wish we had place to ride like that.
  13. We we went riding at a old dirt track area in alabama on saturday. This place had a good track and 8 to 10 miles worth of trails to ride on. The owner only charges 10.00 per bike and is opened 9 to dark. I would recommend this riding area to anyone. Irvington Motor Sports Park - Home of Dirt Trackin I need to start taking a camera with me. We had a great time, even when it rained.
  14. Great all-purpose traction tire. Modified spider knobby for performance traction. Enhanced with modified tread canyons. Do not mount on Honda 2-piece rim. Tires at Bikebandit.com | Type - ATV Tires / Front / Rear - Rear / Rim Size - 9" / Tire Size - 20x10x9
  15. [ATTACH]183[/ATTACH] New tires came in 20x10x9

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