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  1. idk my cousens he rides the piss out of it. he broke the chain in half.
  2. the adjuster is froze up. whats a good way to gett it working again
  3. she runs good now back to stock carb. the fmf runs stock jet size
  4. i have an lt 250r with pipe and k an n. for the bast weeks ive had probs cuz the over sized carb now i have a stock carb. idk the make of the pipe but i think it is a bills pipe dosnt says on it. but what size jetting would i use
  5. the battery just makes the motor turn motor over. you can pull start it
  6. ok heres the prob the bike had some cash put in to in b4 i got it. well the firts prob when i got it. the pickup coil went out in it. then had the rong plug in it it needed an k an n. got those probs. runs good but but crab. it has a newer topend, pipe, and over sized carb. dosnt say if it was ported. so on dirt runs good but can not make it wheelie onlly a lil if i rev it and drop it but from sit still i can not pop it up. can on a stock blaster and banshee but not this bike. and then i was at the dunes. i couldnt rev and take of in second gear. like you can on any bike. so what dos this mean
  7. what did you like about the 250rs. id like to know what you guys think about them
  8. haha thanks guys for the pics. i emailed ct racing with this an Allen Knowles replayed
  9. well hello im tyler krenik. i have to do a paper for school thats 5 pages long. and i though well the guys who raced the 250rs trikes and quads or any thing in the 80s whould be a good people to ask sense i wASNT BORN IN THE 80S OR 70S. well what was the firs bike your rode? what year and age did you first start racing? how did you like your Suspension , soft or hard? race cut finders or just stock looking? what tires did you uses? nerf bars or none? any engen modes or pipe? what bike did you run? what bike you ride now? any hard crashes that messed you up and the bike? do you still
  10. i love trikes but with a bumb leg 4 is good for now. should i just go back to stock carb. its no back firing out the carb
  11. well i dont know much about it. my uncle bought it because he didnt want me on my 3 wheeler i bought from him cuz i broke my femur in a car crash. its an 85 just know 2nd and 3rd gear where replased, new top-end thinking 50 over idk doesn't say pipe and over sized carb idk how big. i cant check cuz its at his house. i asked my shop teacher and he said re jet it down and see if it isnt gets better. its not pulling like i though it would

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