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  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I'm really confused on this one. I pulled the line off from the carburetor and started the engine, fuel drizzled out in prime and pumped out in the on and reserve position. I've checked the vacuum line to the petcock and the vent line off the carburetor. I'm beginning to think i may have a weak diaphragm on the fuel pump. I'm not sure how to test the fuel pumps vacuum without special equipment. Open to any suggestions. Thanks Pineknot
  3. Thanks Is there any special way to clean the petcock filter tubes? Or can you check the petcock to see if it is not working properly?
  4. Looking for a little insight for what appears to be a fuel issue. Quad starts fine and idles fine, however when riding, it will run fine for about 3 to 4 blocks and starts sputtering and dies. If you give it a couple of minutes it will fire back up and run fine for 3 to 4 blocks and the same thing occurs. Is it possible it would be the petcock is bad? Thanks Pineknot
  5. Thanks DirtDemon, I really thought it could be started without a battery, however i have learned that the rectifier if still working needs to shed its voltage or it will burn up, therefore you still need a battery even if the battery is no good. Do you agree? Thanks Pineknot
  6. Can any body tell me if you can start a kingquad with the pull rope and no battery?
  7. Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if you have to have a battery to be able to pull start the motor?
  8. Can any one tell me how the battery is kept charged?, Can the ATV be started using the pull rope if the battery is dead? Thanks Pinknot

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