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  1. Mandy


  2. thanks if i win ill make sure to have a drink on you from the winners cup
  3. Thanks Guys I put in a new air filter and had the carbs cleaned out so far it hasnt cut out on me at all
  4. Mandy

    Raptor and I

    thats pure nervousness wylde1 lol i was so nervous there. thanks for the compliment though. and Quadmaniac I love the colors too esp my airbrushed skulls
  5. Mandy


    lol well for a sec there i thought i was gona lose it... but i managed
  6. Mandy


    Thanks Tagels
  7. Cool I currently have on aftermarket shock pro's on but I'll try out the wider axle thanks alot for the advice
  8. Hi Guys thanks for the advice i will check those problems and let you know how it goes
  9. Mandy


    lol thanks i know i should have but whose gona see its really me if i had a helmet on
  10. Hi Guys my ATV keeps cutting out on me during races this is normaly when im on a straight and have it wide open and when I slow down to take the turn or jump it cuts on me so i have to pull in clutch and release to kind of kickstart the bike again which in turn makes me lose time. any ideas why its doing this?
  11. Hi Guys Ive been racing for a while now but I've noticed that the bikes I race against seem to have a wider axle not sure if thats the right term then the one I currently have on. Now wen I take corners my bike always lifts up instead of being flush. Should I change my width on the rear axle?

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