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    Version 1.0.0


    Service manual for King quads 250 and 300
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    One of the few mx tracks us quads get to ride and race at here in the PNW. Love my Quadcross Northwest family!
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    Version 1.0.0


    5851c4c6b5ba7_1988-2002KawasakiBayou220ServiceManual.pdf 1988-2002 Kawasaki Bayou 220 Service Manual
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    What Ajmboy was referring to was the post. This website has a lot of technical resources available for the users of the site. Its a website and unlike social media, you don't get an instant response. Those who have the resources to share are only here on their spare time so a reply may be a day or two. Plus the way it was posted "I am just here to get a manual" is outright saying "once I get this manual, im gone" I wouldn't be too inclined to help that person either. Then on top of that to post 10 replies with only a number is childish, another reason to not help them either. A forum board is a community. There is already a lot of people who do come here to ask a question about a problem, then someone provides some suggestions to help solve it, and they never post back that it fixed the problem, so we never know if our suggestions worked. We assume it did, because otherwise they would post back that it didn't work. Mike
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    If you are a new member, why not introduce yourself? This community thrives and grows with you and all our current members! We all want this community to grow and encourage new member registrations. That being said please help out QuadCRAZY by inviting other atv'ers to the community. QUADCRAZY NEEDS YOU!
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    I saw this article on Motosport and thought it was pretty good. Anyone add anything? You might think hopping on-board an ATV and going for a spin is just as easy as taking your regular 4-wheel car for a ride around the block. After all, both have four wheels. How hard could it be? In many respects, you're right. Some adventure riders choose quads over their two-wheeled counterparts of the dirt because there's less chance of crashing and it's easier to learn. ATVs also offer more manageability for younger riders to get acquainted with outdoor riding than a dirt bike. However, beginner riders on ATVs tend to make the same mistakes that result in crashes, roll overs and injury that could be avoided with some instruction and know-how. If you're looking at a fun family outing by renting ATVs or want to get into the sport take advantage of the following points and avoid the same mistakes so many other first time ATV riders make that end their day early or before they barely get started. 1. Nerf Bars Get Nerf bars. These are not soft cushy add-ons that are cousins to the football you use during backyard football games. In many respects, Nerf bars are gigantic foot pegs. Don't bother with traditional foot pegs because you'll constantly slip off and because of the "I feel safe factor" that comes with riding a quad you'll also have a tendency to let your feet drag when riding. That's a recipe for getting one or both of your feet caught in the back tire resulting in serious injury. Nerf bars allow you to stabilize your feet and get maximum control over the ATV Rest your feet easy on Nerf bars 2. Rolling Over Believe it or not, it's fairly easy to roll an ATV over. And you don't want to be on the bottom of that sandwich. The most common way of ending underneath a quad is looping out. That's done by hitting the gas and having little to no experience with the power of an ATV. The front spikes up like an out of control stallion, throws you onto your back like a bucking bronco and then pins you like a UFC Champ. The second way is when you're having a bit too much fun sliding around in mud or other slick conditions, the tires finally do what they're designed to do and grip the ground but the rest of the bike, with you on it, keeps going. Finally, those who think they've found their bearings take aim for a steep slope and try to conquer it only to end up upside down or in their attempt to arch alongside said steep hill, tumble over the side. 3. False Sense of Security This goes somewhat hand-in-hand with the roll over capability that many riders fail to appreciate therefore they also neglect wearing proper protective equipment. Don't think wearing jeans, t-shirt and sneakers is adequate protection when riding a 4-wheeled machine powered by a gas engine that doesn't have seatbelts. You need a helmet, goggles, gloves and riding boots at a minimum. Once you start ripping it on the track or trails add a chest protector, neck brace, knee brace, etc. 4. Throttle Control Everybody wants to skip the kiddie stage and get right into hair-raising speed when it comes to riding ATVs. OK, most everybody. But for those who do so many put on the cloak of invincibility and think a quad is merely a mini car that finally enables them to release all sorts of pent up childhood inhibitions. So they jab their thumb into the throttle with the expectation of a controlled roller coaster ride. Instead, they loop out and end up underneath the quad or manage to stay seated only to careen off course and introduce their 4x4 to a large tree. ATVs normally have a thumb throttle and most have an automatic clutch so the clutch is one less thing to worry about. So go slow and figure out how much "thumb" is too much and get used to the speed and power an ATV delivers before really going for a ride. Oh, one more thing, learn to take your thumb off the throttle! It's not to hard to loop out on an ATV 5. Loading the ATV Never, ever ride an ATV up a ramp into the back of a pick-up. If you want to know why just go to YouTube. If you want to know how to load an ATV check out this fine piece of quality information on How to Load a Motorcycle, Dirt Bike or ATV into a Truck. The bottom line to riding an ATV the first time is treat it like you would anything that comes with a modicum of danger. Careless behavior endangers you and others but with common sense and a willingness to learn you'll enjoy of lifetime of riding quads. For additional information on riding and/or maintaining ATVs see: 10 Quick Safety Tips for ATV Trail Riding Tips for New ATV Owners Choosing the Best ATV for Beginners 10 Things That Alter Your ATV Performance Written By: AndrewT
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    Version 1.0.0


    Service manual for all models 1996 to 1998
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    That’s because people like you come to get something free and offer nothing in return to the community that gave them something. Next time pay for a manual.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is the factory service manual for the 2017-2019 factory service manual for the sportsman 450/570 with electronic power steering
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    I was able to get out for some tracking in-between storms ... we have lots of deep powder and on this ride, it was pretty windy ... of course, it usually is on these ridge tops. It was nice & cool too. The day started of at -7F (-21c) and stayed pretty nippy all day long. Hope you enjoy the video !!!
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    Can't thank you guys enough for making all this possible! Gave Quadcrazy a shoutout in the video!
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    Agreed, sounds like your like me, old school. Been on fourm boards for years, but over the past few years social media has taken over and many have shut down for lack of use. I still prefer the fourm boards over social media because its organized better, with groups and topics. Social media tends to be like spaghetti of posts and nonsense. I have also seen how people have changed because of social media. They will post a question, then like 2 hours later, post a reply like "What? Nobody has an answer for me?" They don't get it how it works. They want the "instant gratification" of social media verses the fourm boards. Mike
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    Version 1.0.0


    Service manual for the Suzuki LT230 / LT250 1985-90 LT230GE LT-F230G LT230S LT250S
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    Few bears doing water wheelies! I fell off the bike and boy is the water cold lol!
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    Here's a "heads up" for everyone searching for owners or service manuals for your quad. While searching for service manuals to help others posting in the forum, I've come across a couple of sites early in each search that claim to offer the service manual needed. When clicking the link for the manual pdf, it opens a download link showing an .exe file. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY DOWNLOAD LINK THAT SHOWS AN EXE FILE TO GET A PDF OF ANY MANUAL ! I am running Windows 10 Pro and it is set to show the full address and type of any file. It also prevents automatic downloads unless I specifically allow them. Those fake manual pdf downloads try to automatically install the file downloader it actually contains rather than a true pdf. Had it actually been able to run automatically, it would have downloaded a load of hurt on my PC. The downloader link was able to install into the temp folder in my Windows but was not able to execute because I did not click to allow it . Afterwards, my A/V program detected the malware in the temp folder and quarantined it for removal. Had my PC not been set to show the complete address and type of file and to not automatically download files I'd have one very compromised computer. Everyone , make sure your anti-virus program is kept up to date with the latest definitions for it. Set your computer to show the complete address and type of file rather than allowing it to auto - hide known Windows file types so a program such as xxx.pdf.exe shows as such and not as just xxx.pdf with the known file type .exe hidden.
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    I like to ride in my hometown. It is a small city so i like to travel there with my bike. I prefer to ride slowly because it gives me amazing feelings.
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    I have front and rear hard storage, so I stock it with some extra water, extra Gal of gas, Winch accessory kit w/ tow and recovery strap, a 1st Aid kit, and compressor.
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    Definitely the mountains for me, getting to the top of a ridge or coming over a rise and seeing a huge open expanse of valleys, nothing better.
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    My 2000 Yamaha Wolverine parked right below a giant tree spider on a trail in the North woods of Maine!
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    I've just recently switched to the Erikson ATV e-strap kit: http://www.ericksonmfg.com/product/atv-wheel-chock-and-tie-down-strap-kit/ I like it... no need to compress your suspension but holds the atv very securely and doesn't bounce slack into it.
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    Wow great pics brother. Wtf is that tan shit ? Looks like a piece of fish... The tank looks nasty. Glad it runs great, very nice work. The only thing I’m going to say about @Ajmboy is the only thing he has crusted is his reputation in this forum. You can’t have pie without crust! And this forum is the pie and he is the crust! And @Admin I love you too! Ride safe.
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    I would clean the carb first. Fairly easy to do and just because some pro did it doesnt mean he didnt screw it up
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    Sounds like a cheap and good project. Great advice from @Frank Angerano [email protected]! For $100 I would buy it just to mess with it.
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    I received this set this week and used them. Could not be happier. You strip the wires put them into the connector and hit them with some heat. The tube shrinks and has a gasket material that melts and surrounds the wires, then there is a strip of soft solder that melts as well connecting the wires. Very strong. 50 pcs Solder Seal Heat Shrink Butt Connectors Electrical Marine Automotive Waterproof Wire Splice Insulated Connector Kit 26 24 22 20 18 16 14 12 10 Gauge AWG https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LK2YJQC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_RZ-GCb3N1M9Q1
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    This is quad crazy not crown Victoria crazy! Lol just kidding. It could be two things. One the fogging could be due to a blown (heater core). It’s a small radiator type coil under dash board on the passenger side. A real bitch to get to. A tell tale sign is the fogging as well as a wet floor on the passenger side under or on the carpet and a bit of a sweet odor in the car. The second thing it could be (less expensive) is the change over valve. It’s a small valve or damper that’s controlled by the switch in the dash. The control switch you would use to change to defrost to dash vent. That switch usually activates a motor of a kind that moves the flaps inside the dashboard ductwork. That motor can be a pneumatic , electric or cable depending on the year. It’s usually located on the firewall under the hood. In that general area. I’m putting my bet on the heater core though based on the fogging. Hope this helps. Get an Atv. It’s a lot easier and more fun to work on! Sorry to my fellow members but I couldn’t help myself I love cars as well! Good luck!
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    I am going to close this topic and leave the last post as such..... If you join our community for only a manual, that's ok. But, you'll have to participate a little to be granted access to downloads as a free member. If you don't want to participate and would like immediate access, you can subscribe to one of our annual subscriptions, which bypass the need to participate.
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    You'd have to measure to be sure , but the hubs may very well be interchangeable. My guess is they most likely are if they are from similar quad series. Hubs from a 250cc to 350cc bike in either series are more likely to be a direct swap than from a 250 and one with a much larger displacement. More power would call for heavier axles and hubs in most cases.
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    I am on Facebook and also use Skype; although I don't use Skype nearly as much as I used to. When Microsoft bought Skype and started "improving" it the made a mess of it as far as I'm concerned . It went from an easy to use chat facility to one using too much of my screen while complicating some things that were easy to use. I am also in some other interest and community groups/ forums. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Skype all have their followers and users. I don't use Instagram and seldom check Twitter. My main connection to family and friends is Facebook and Skype now is mostly to chat with a friend in China since for some reason the PTB there block easy access to Facebook and Youtube. Security can be set as tight or loose on Facebook as you wish. Facebook has an added advantage in that you can have interest groups with in it to keep up with friends with shared interests without having everything open on your main page .. I am in a Ham Radio group, 4x4 and quad group, a gardening group, one on tropical fishkeeping as well as one on internet tv. I try to help out where I can , and otherwise toss in comments in the forums . It doesn't matter the activity or hobby, we all started as complete newbies, and asked our share of "stupid and easy" questions and others took the time to answer them . Yes , there were the know it all asses, but if you ignore them they soon get tired and go away or an admin makes them go away. There are no stupid questions. If youdon't ask , you won't find the answer. Sometimes the answer to your "stupid question" also helps others too shy or afraid to ask for fear of ridicule by the wise ass old timer who really isn't as wise and all knowing he thinks he is . The really smart ones know you can never know all there is on any subject and constantly learn new tricks. Sometimes those new tricks come from an answer to "stupid questions" . Those that "just come for the manuals" and leave don't know just how valuable a resource they are overlooking by doing so.
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    If you need Honda, Kaw, Suzuki, Yamaha, Arctic cat, Polaris, try https://www.babbittsonline.com/
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    Welcome to quadcrazy. There are plenty of member that know alot of useful information. If it once ran. One of us can fix it. So don't be shy to ask questions. The only stupid question is the one that isn't asked. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    I uploaded the Yamaha service manual for your Big Bear. Covers 2000 & 2001. First time I've done this so I hope it downloads correctly.
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    Welcome aboard @Squirrel @Bud394 @RAYAR @Jonathan Newnham @Steve1981 @KGB @KGB @grizzlysixsixty @AC1 @Brer Wilson @Pzzaman0 @Alexandre Leblanc @patrick st-james @Ty Warner !
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    I think everyone has their own valid opinion of which is the best brand. I like my Honda , and friends who have them also swear by them . Yamaha , Kawasaki and Suzuki also have their fans. Kymco, although much less well known also has a very good reputation among those that can get over their prejudices against "Chinese junk" . Kymco is Taiwanese, makes parts for a few high end car makers and as well as for some of the more name brand Japanese ATV builders. I can't speak for the reliability of some of the newer models of US/ Canadian ATV builders, but some of the older ones did not have a great reputation here . For example , among the riders I know the old Polarises were better known by the name " Pullhairis" for the troubles they had . I think the best ATV is the one that does the job for you, is liked by your riding circle of friends and is the one you can afford. Keep the maintenance up and any of todays machines will serve you well, although I too am wary of unknown brands that sell cheaply. None of the name brand , domestic or foreign should let you down whether the machine is 40 years old or new .. Maintenance means much ore than age .
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    Some people ....
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    Well Michael, thats not going to do anything but piss people off. lol, Just browse the forum and make a few comments, maybe start a post and introduce yourself, let us know what youre working on and how its going.
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    Ah so the end is near! I am not really sure where to put this topic, hopefully this is the correct spot. As 2018 is coming to a end I can't thank everyone on this forum enough on the support you guys have gave me on my YouTube channel. As I am still a small creator I still love pumping out some quadding videos for everyone to enjoy. I don't ask you guys much at all so I hope it would be ok for me to ask you guys to hlep me achieve my final goal for my YouTube channel in 2018. My goal is to reach 400 Subscribers. I currently sit at 378, If you could find the time to make a few clicks and give me a subscription I would really appreciate it! (you only need a Gmail account) Channel: https://bit.ly/2Ae78Su Happy Holidays and safe riding!
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    Here's a good article and video on the basics when it comes to ATV front end wheel alignments. Source: http://www.cyclepedia.com/manuals/online/free/steering/atv-front-end-alignment/ When you hear the words front end alignment what comes to mind? Automobiles and potholes may be the first thought. There are other four wheeled vehicles out there running over a lot more than potholes. ATVs and side-by-sides live hard lives crawling over rocks, hauling loads, and crossing trails no other man-made vehicle would dare. One of the most basic services these vehicles call for is the adjustment of the toe-in of the front wheels. The Suzuki Eiger LT-F-400F calls for this to be checked initially after 100 mi. or 1 month of use, and every 600 mi. or 3 months for the rest of its operational life. Be it a Yamaha Banshee, 50cc mini-quad, or Kawasaki Mule this is a periodic maintenance item that is essentially the same no matter the scale of machine. Toe-in specifically refers to the amount the front wheels are pigeon toed. At axle level the center of the front tires are closer in the front than in the back. Most ATVs and side-by-sides call for the front wheels to be slightly pigeon toed to parallel. Keeping the toe-in aliment in specification and adjusted correctly is important for performance, safety, and tire wear. If the front end of the vehicle is in a toe-out position, duck footed, the tires will wear more rapidly and the vehicle will be inherently unstable. In addition, if the toe-in adjustment is in specification but it has been improperly adjusted it may put excess strain on the steering components. The first step in checking the toe-in is to check the tire pressure. Make sure the tire pressure set correctly in all four tires. The air pressure in the front tires should be as close to the same as possible. Place the vehicle on a level surface and position the steering straight ahead. Be sure to check with the appropriate service manual to see if there are any extra specifics for the vehicle. The Suzuki Eiger for example calls for the vehicle to be weighted as to simulate the rider. Make a chalk mark on the front, center of each front tire at the height of the front axle. If available set up a toe gauge so that the pointers line up with the chalk marks. Measure the distance between the front chalk marks. Record this measurement as A. Rotate the front wheels 180° so the marks remain at axle height, but are now facing to the rear. Record the distance between the marks on the backside of the tires as B. Subtract the front measurement A from the rear measurement B to calculate the toe-in. If the number is negative you have a toe-out condition. Compare your toe-in figure with the factory specification found in the vehicles service manual. To adjust the toe-in loosen the lock nuts on the tie-rods. The outer tie-rod lock nuts often have left hand threads. Turn the tie rods with a wrench at the flats to change the toe-in. Be sure to evenly adjust the left and right tie-rods for proper alignment. Check with the service manual to see if there are any specifications for the length of the tire rods or the amount of threads that should be showing. If the tie-rods are not adjusted according to the OEM specifications the proper toe-in may be achieved, but the vehicle will not steer correctly and it could be at risk of breaking a tie-rod. When the adjustment is correct hold the tie-rod flats and tighten the lock nuts to specification against each side of the tie-rod. Take a slow test ride to make sure the steering functions correctly. Check out this additional video on ATV wheel alignments:
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    I too joined this forum looking for a manual. I joined to be a contributing member and not just "pad" my posting numbers to get a manual. I poked around & found I like it here. I made some posts and even started a club (Ride Red). I also contributed photos & a service manual. I am not here to be a lazy sponge. Some people just don't get it!
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    Here is some clips thrown together of the mudding during Ride for Quinn!
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    Air compressor, plug kit, valve stem kit, tow strap, Set of sockets and wrench. multi-tool, electrical tape, zip ties, spare fuses jumper cables (quad style, not automotive), spare spark plug. Thats what I carry, probably missed a few things. Mike
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    Version 1.0.0


    Kawasaki service manual
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    Hi All, I have an 87 lt4wd quadrunner 250 and the choke cable is not there, speedo is frozen, left brake handle is frozen, right brake handle and reservoir is missing but runs good and all gearing works. I'm starting with the choke install. I have the manual downloaded and printed (472pgs) It is hard to see. Any help is welcome, the first thing I did was oil and filter with front diff oil change coming up soon. Thanks RUSTY
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    I collected two months. Wheel diameter of 1 meter, width of 0.5 meters. All wheel drive.
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    Morganne is already into the quad scene. She is a full on action sports fan.
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