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  1. Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance! When you buy used, change or have the fluids changed before anything else. Research what your machine uses and how often fluids should be changed, then make sure to use specified fluids for your particular machine. Keep a detailed record of your service, if there are grease zerks make a habit of greasing them. I try to do that after every 3 rides or so, change all fluids at the end of the riding season so they are ready to go before I take them out in the spring. Take care of them and they will take care of you.
  2. Well after half a season of riding the 2018 570 Outlander my wife and I decided to pull the trigger on another Can Am. We have thoroughly enjoyed our new 2018 machine, it rides and drives like a dream but still lacks the 2-up stability and legality of the a true blue factory 2-up machine. So searched Craigslist and found another great machine, this time in Colorado. Turned out it was only 12 miles from my brothers house so he went over and looked at it for me and gave me the low down, we decided to pull the trigger so he bought it, the guy hauled it to his house. I left on a Saturday afternoon at 4:30 drove straight through to Windsor Colorado and pulled into my brothers at about 1:45 a.m. visited for about 1/2 hour hit the hay, slept for 3 hours got up and loaded up the machine, ate a little breakfast and hit the road. Pulled into my driveway at 4:00 Sunday afternoon. 1285 miles. It is a pretty nice machine, had some monster Sedona Ripsaw tires that had to go, to much rubber, aggression, and weight for me. They were virtually brand new, only about 100 miles on them. Sold the tires for $350, bought another used set of wheels and tires for $200, better looking factory wheel and the tires will get me through this season and probably next as well. Only had 536 miles on it. The guy had bought it for him and his wife to ride then she passed away from cancer so he wanted to continue to ride but his kids were worried about him going out by himself so he sold it and bought a side by side with a roll cage. Have enjoyed it thus far and it seems to be in pretty good shape. Have been out with this couple as much as possible this year, she has stage 4 appendiceal cancer, has been battling it for 4 years and has finally decided to stop with treatments. We are trying to get out with them as much as possible while she still can. Have been some fantastic rides and some beautiful views, We are loving the Can Am's, I have one more Rancher I have to sell but should be an easy sell as it is in great shape and has a Can Am 2-up seat attached as well as a Warn 2000lb winch and a mid frame plow mount.
  3. Finally got my "2-up" seat finished for the Can Am, trails opened up on Saturday but has been raining solid for the last 5 days and that makes for some very dangerous and uncomfortable driving conditions on our mountain trails. Seat turned out pretty well and is easily removed.
  4. Thanks, Always fun to see a thought come to fruition, wasn't exactly sure how it was going to come out but I couldn't let the 2-up seat pass by and not try to put it to use. I had been looking at them on line and they were between $565.00 to $585.00 USD. So when I saw this one on Craigslist for $60 I jumped on it. I bought $20 worth of metal and the welding didn't cost me anything but time. Having a jump seat so to speak made for the Can Am and I'm modifying a backrest from an office chair to mount to the rear rack of the Outlander. When done it will look good and will be easily removable as well. We don't always ride double on our machines and it is nice to be able to take those things off with the least amount of effort. Will post some pics when it is done as well. But for now here is some pics of the New Can Am. I found it on Craigslist as well, it only had 50 miles on it, and still under warranty, The guy got into trouble with his wife for having so many toys, He wanted a new ski boat and she said something had to go so he decided that the brand new 2018 ountlander was the item he would part with. Plus he brought it all the way from Boise Idaho to me, (500miles) saved me 16 hours of drive time. Looking forward to getting out with it, trails open up here on the 16th, hope to have my seat back before th en so I can get my back rest finished up, The upholsterer is doing the back rest as well. My brother brought over his little Suzuki Ozark, this is how my 570 would probably look parked nose to nose with an Outlander 1000😁
  5. I just bought a 2018 Can Am 570 Outlander and was hoping to try to find a way to convert a Can Am 2-up seat that I picked up on Craigslist to my new machine in some fashion. No way to do it without the seat sitting up 8-9 inches above the main seat. Scrapped that Idea but decided to try to convert it to my Honda Rancher. Also in a way that would allow me to remove it quickly and allow access to my battery compartment if necessary. Here's what I came up with. Since the seat has two fork like protrusions on the front underside I needed to come up with something that they would lock into. On rear underside there is a spring loaded handle that allows it to lock onto a 3/8" round bar. I wanted the bar that the front part of the seat locked into to also be removable so I came up with a design for the bar that would slide onto the front side of the rear rack and pin into place using the rack itself as the mounting base. Then I welded a couple pieces of 3/4" pipe to the rear part of the rear rack with a piece of 3/8" solid bar stock onto the front of the two pieces of pipe that were welded to the rear section of the rack. The forks of the seat lock into the front bar, the pipes at the back not only support the rear part of the seat but act as a centering guide for the two locking mechanisms that lock onto the 3/8" bar stock. When it is locked into place it is extremely solid and has no way of coming loose except when I release the spring loaded handle. And it actually doesn't look too bad when installed either. Plus, the front side of the rear seat acts as a back rest for the small of the drivers back, pretty cool.
  6. Honda or Yamaha you can't go wrong, Suzuki or Kawasaki are great machines as well, however I know around our area you are not going to find one that cheap, if you do it's toast and would probably need a total rebuild, I just sold one of my Ranchers (2013) for $4500. I didn't even know how many miles or hours were on it as it was a basic foot shift manual transmission. It was in great shape but they don't go cheap around here.
  7. Well, I ended up getting my Can Am delivered to me on Monday, It was raining when I left the house and snowing when I linked up with the guy to pick it up at his Hotel, we made the exchange of $$$ and machine, received the title and I was on my way. It was truly a blessing to not have to drive the 1000 miles and 16 hours round trip to pick it up. got it home, put it into the garage and cleaned it up from all of the road spray, mounted my front bumper and mirrors that I had pre-ordered and put it to bed for the night. Today I picked up a cargo box for the front rack and got that mounted, I am now in the process of making a seat for the back rack. This is going to take a while to get this accomplished as I have some fabrication to do then will deliver it to the upholstery shop to have it foamed and covered. After that will mount the rear foot rests then tackle the issue with removing and replacing the ridiculous factory hitch. The engineer that came up with that one sure had his head buried somewhere that the sun doesn't shine. Hitch bolts go right through the aluminum housing of the rear differential. Stuuuuuuuupidddddd!!!!! All in all I think it will be a great machine for my wife, she will definitely be more comfortable than I will while we are out riding. Will post pics of my progress. Here are a few to start. In the driveway after picking it up, then a pic of the front bumper, mirrors, and cargo box installation.
  8. Ajmbofter, I should have started here in the first place, thanks for moving it. I'm giving $6100 for it, the guys wife is "making" him get rid of it as he has too many toys and just purchased a brand new ski boat. I'm saving about $2000, everything I've looked at around this area that is used is still about $1000 more than I'm paying. I cam across a 2017 that is identical that has 2500 miles on it and they want $6500 for it. Local dealership is selling it brand new for $8100 so am coming out pretty good I think. I just haven't been around or ridden any Can Ams out on the Mountain trails. Having just sold one of my Ranchers I only have to come up with about $1500 for a brand new machine. I'll keep you guys posted.
  9. Well, I haven't been on here for a while as I've been extremely busy with work and doing a bit of snowmobiling over the winter. My wife and I decided that after last years season of 4 wheeling that we definitely need to get a different machine. The machines that we have (2013 Honda Ranchers)are and have been very great machines, they just don't seem to meet the needs that we hoped they would. When we do ride 2-up on the trails we ride it is just too rough for my wife. Also neither have power steering and after a day of 40-50 miles she's pretty worn out and sore. So I've had one of them listed for most of the winter and last week sold it. We have been looking for a two up machine and even had problems finding what we want in that arena as well. Every 2-up we've seen either has 10,000+ miles on it or has no power steering. So we basically decided that we would rather do without the machine being a 2-up and have one that has power steering, Independent Rear Suspension, and automatic transmission like a Polaris, Arctic cat, or Can Am. We found one that we are going to get and Hope that it is going to meet our needs. At least it will meet the needs of my wife should she ride solo. We found a 2018 Can Am outlander 570L DPS with only 49 miles on it and still has the warranty. It will be much easier for her to operate, no shifting will be huge. Have never owned a Can Am before and hoping that it will be a good dependable machine for us. Any opinions about Can Ams?
  10. davefrombc, I wasn't myself calling Kymco junk or crap, that is just what I have heard and read a few people say, in fact I got online and did some research, they do look like a decent machine and I myself read that they were associated with Honda. Too bad they don't make a 2 up machine. We do not have a dealership around here for them but there is one dealership that carries CFMoto
  11. Really? A Kymco? I've heard they are Chinese Crap! I think there might be a dealer Here I'll take a look. Never know!
  12. Actually I have, I think that they both look like great machines, the people that had them for sale wanted a bit more than I could afford, I haven't had any encounters with the forest service yet about riding two up on a single so could probably get a way with either one. I will continue to look though. Thanks for the comments on the photos, I am very blessed to live where I live, going to twist the wife's arm and see if I can get here to go out again today to hit another new trail, we'll see.
  13. Had a very long winter and now a very long Hot DRY summer which I have a feeling will hamper the rest of our riding season as our state has 23 forest fires going right now and makes me a little nervous about going up into the mountains, Have only been out twice this year which really sucks but know one thing for sure am looking for an ATV with PS and IRS. Love the reliability of the Hondas but they are kicking our but when we go out. The Solid Rear Axle is a killer for the wife, and she's not liking the manual shifts so much this season. Don't want the issues that I've read about with CanAm and sorry but Polaris is not even in the running, everyone that I know that has one has nothing but trouble with it. So not sure what direction to go for sure. So here's a few pics from those two rides, can never get enough of being in these mountains. The trail that we were on in the last few pics was a new trail to us so that was fun, found out that it runs for about 25 miles, as the crow flies, into two other drainages and that will be a blast to explore, love the new trails.

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