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  1. Had the privilege to get out both days this weekend, weather was fantastic. Was able to take my oldest brother out to an area he hadn't been to yet, and was thankful that we got to spend that time together just the two of us. I did ask some others to go but they were unable to make it so it ended up making a special day for us. His health is not the greatest so will definitely treasure the time and memories of this outing. Was also able to finally link up with my neighbor and some friends of theirs and take them on one of our favorite trails today. They seem to be gone most weekends over the summer so has been tough to connect over the past 4 years since they bought their Razors. They seem to stick pretty close and go riding and camping together most weekends. With fall setting in and it dipping into the high 20's and low low 30's at night, our camping season is coming to a close. Still in the 50's - 70's during the day but pretty chilly at night. They had a free weekend so we were finally able to take advantage and get out. Today confirmed for me, once again, why we haven't moved to the sidexside realm yet. We were going to ride on one trail, and even though they have 50" machines. The trailheads have huge rocks, posts, or arched cattle guard type gated areas that are exactly 50" apart. This keeps the larger sized SxS's, jeeps and other 4 wheel drive vehicles off the trails and from getting torn to shreds. My wife and I drove our ATV'S through and friends attempted to do the same. Even though the posts were 50" apart and perfectly plumb, the ground was sloped side to side causing the fenders and door area to lean too far to the side and would have scratched the entire side of the machine as he drove through. He couldn't even get the front fender flair through with out it getting scraped and gouged by the wire of the fence wrapped around the posts. So had to change plans and go different route. Still ended up being a terrific day and they had a great time riding in a new area. No SxS for us in the near future!!! Here's some pics from both days
  2. In retrospect it wasn't terrible, I think being late in the day played a big factor. We were in a strange area and my wife wanted to be out of there before dark. So maybe felt a bit rushed an earlier start might have been better.
  3. Took a ride yesterday, thought we'd try a different area out of the valley. Had been talking to a guy I've been working with and he told me about an area 100 miles from us. We decided to check it out and drove over there, we got a pretty late start from home and ended up at the staging area around 4 and on the trail/road about 4:15. Should've done a bit more research about the area itself. It was more of a jeep road than a 4 wheeler trail. We met a full size Hum Vee pickup coming down along with a couple of other pickups. Starting out the "road" was pretty much like any other forest service road to an atv trailhead except there was never any trail head as it was not a 50" wide trail. It just continues to deteriorate to probably one of the roughest, bumpiest, rock filled excursions we've been on in all of our 6 years we've been riding. The area was nice enough in that the forest is nice and healthy with lots of trees and normally we would've enjoyed exploring a new area but the roughness of the road made it somewhat unpleasant to ride. Maybe part of it was the fact it was laten in the day but my idea of a trail ride is not 1-5 mph most of the way. We just expected it to get better and it didn't. There was a loop and bt the time we finished the loop we had no interest in taking the spur up to the lake. Some folks might have really enjoyed it by was really not the kind of riding we enjoy, maybe if it had been an early morning ride we'd have felt differently. So we'll chalk that one up to experience and probably not do it again. Plus it's very very smoky.
  4. On the forum, used to be able to load multiple photos so u guess wondering if that was changed. Thanks
  5. Is it just me or anybody else having issues maybe more than one picture? There seems to be a size limit on files, at least for me anyway.
  6. Hey Henrik, glad to have you here, always interested in hearing from riders from other countries. What and where they ride, and what the restrictions are for where you ride. My name is Tracy we live in the Northwest part of the U.S. in the state of Montana. Very relaxed regulations where we ride, we have all sorts of Forest service trails to ride and since we live in the Rocky Mountain range, our trails give us spectacular views and scenery took at. Would love to see some pics of your machines and areas that you ride. We have newer machines, 2016 and 2019 Can Am 570 Outlander Max's, if batteries go, we're stuck😁. Looking forward to seeing some pictures.
  7. Both of us achey, no fever, low energy, wife lost her taste and smell, both have a lingering dry cough. My (in June) 91 year old Mom had it was down like we were for a few days is doing fine. She refuses to wear a mask as well. Have had waaaaay worse, we wouldn't change anything we've done. YES it is our right, and I keep going back to: If the mask makes such a huge difference and keeps everyone so safe why should me NOT wearing one bother you?
  8. Wonder why almost 1/2 of the CDC and FDA employees are refusinh to get the vaccine and Fauci and Marks dont know why?
  9. "Have fun, I'm done with this thread." "I'll follow the sheep that can think for themselves. I'll leave it for you to follow the Judas goats." Hmmmm.....thought he was done with this thread, hope that works out well for him. Wife and I both just finished up with our bout with Covid, can't say it was pleasant, but as the "flu" goes I've been waaay sicker. I won't change my thinking about it. As of yesterday our county health department lifted the mask mandate. It was a losing battle for local businesses, we should have the right to chose and people were chosing to stay away from businesses mandating face coverings. Take the choice away and might as well pin stars to our arms. Can you say "Show me your papers?"
  10. Just keep on sucking the kool-aid like good little sheep.
  11. And this. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/covid-vaccines-must-be-halted-immediately-renowned-toxicologist-tells-cdc
  12. Here's some nice info! Oh please please pick me!!!!!
  13. Sorry, there are 4 counties out of 56 that are requiring masks. No significant spiking.

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