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  1. Airborne, that's cool! Not very many understanding folks around these days. Grew up in Manhattan, a town of about 1500, ten miles away from where I live now. It's not 1500 people anymore. The main city in our area is Bozeman, Belgrade, (where I live now)was 10 miles away and about 2000 people, another 10 miles Manhattan, another 10 miles Three Forks. Three Forks was about the same size as Manhattan, 1500 or so. It is Headwaters of the Missouri River which runs into the Mississippi. 3 different rivers come together hence the name Three Forks. Anyway, all of these towns were quiet communitie
  2. Quad, I hope this is something I can do for a long time. I just hope the folks moving in here don't ruin it for everyone. Someone always seems to get a bee under their bonnet and whine and cry about something and get things changed. Always amazing how the voices of a few are so loud and drown out the voice of reason. Like I told jwline, make your way here and I'll take you out. I know that's easy for me to say, there's a lot of different places I'd like to get to someday as well. Takes time, money, and a lot of planning. Yeah the pics Come out pretty good sometimes, not bad for an S9
  3. I would be out also, this year sucked for ride time, toooooo busy. I think we only made it out 5 for six times. Pathethic! I can tell you one thing, if you ever made it this direction I would make sure to take you out, as lon as it wasn't during the 4th of July, we have some amazing trails that I never get tired of riding. What do you ride? We have a couple of Can Am 570 Max's. We chose the two up machine so we can stay legal if we ride double. So we can also take other couples out with us if they don't have a machine. Make your way up here and I'll get you out.😉
  4. jwline, this is a great area, our riding is the only thing that gets us away from all the people that have moved in. Even then you have to fight your way to get past the hiking trail traffic. But once out we see no one and it is absolutely awesome.
  5. The only bummer part of where we live as we have such a short Riding season. Our trails open June 16th and close around October 16th, depending on the area. Some stay open till Dec 1st, they close them down for a couple reasons, safety and so they don't get torn to shreds. We do have one area that stays open most if the year that is BLM/Forest Service area. That is an hours drive. It does get to a point that trails are impassable due to snow, but parts of it are usable almost year round. Only problem is temperatures are pretty miserable to be out during the Winter . We do on occasion have str
  6. Hey John, It really is a great place, we are so spoiled. Most of these trail heads are within 30 minutes of my house. The Forest Service does an amazing job of keeping the trails in good shape. We do have a few that are an hours drive but for the most part 30 minutes and we are unloading. We live in south west Montana in the Bozeman area. Where are you located?
  7. Where's the pics of where you ride? I ride in the mountains, and mostly 50" 2-track trails. Mostly what's available here. Always thought it would be fun to ride some dunes but don't have the right machine for that. Then I hear the horror stories and see the accident videos and think no.....probably not. Seems like there's folks who don't think flying off the top of a dune without a spotter is a problem. Parts of it sure look like fun though. Not saying that our mountain trails aren't dangerous, higher speeds dont happen too often due to our steeper winding trails and the possibility of slidi
  8. Looks like great country to ride in, and that you are able to get out quite often very envious of that opportunity. Get out when I can. This particular ride was sun afternoon/evening sunset ride.
  9. Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance! When you buy used, change or have the fluids changed before anything else. Research what your machine uses and how often fluids should be changed, then make sure to use specified fluids for your particular machine. Keep a detailed record of your service, if there are grease zerks make a habit of greasing them. I try to do that after every 3 rides or so, change all fluids at the end of the riding season so they are ready to go before I take them out in the spring. Take care of them and they will take care of you.
  10. Well after half a season of riding the 2018 570 Outlander my wife and I decided to pull the trigger on another Can Am. We have thoroughly enjoyed our new 2018 machine, it rides and drives like a dream but still lacks the 2-up stability and legality of the a true blue factory 2-up machine. So searched Craigslist and found another great machine, this time in Colorado. Turned out it was only 12 miles from my brothers house so he went over and looked at it for me and gave me the low down, we decided to pull the trigger so he bought it, the guy hauled it to his house. I left on a Saturday after
  11. Finally got my "2-up" seat finished for the Can Am, trails opened up on Saturday but has been raining solid for the last 5 days and that makes for some very dangerous and uncomfortable driving conditions on our mountain trails. Seat turned out pretty well and is easily removed.
  12. Thanks, Always fun to see a thought come to fruition, wasn't exactly sure how it was going to come out but I couldn't let the 2-up seat pass by and not try to put it to use. I had been looking at them on line and they were between $565.00 to $585.00 USD. So when I saw this one on Craigslist for $60 I jumped on it. I bought $20 worth of metal and the welding didn't cost me anything but time. Having a jump seat so to speak made for the Can Am and I'm modifying a backrest from an office chair to mount to the rear rack of the Outlander. When done it will look good and will be easily remov
  13. I just bought a 2018 Can Am 570 Outlander and was hoping to try to find a way to convert a Can Am 2-up seat that I picked up on Craigslist to my new machine in some fashion. No way to do it without the seat sitting up 8-9 inches above the main seat. Scrapped that Idea but decided to try to convert it to my Honda Rancher. Also in a way that would allow me to remove it quickly and allow access to my battery compartment if necessary. Here's what I came up with. Since the seat has two fork like protrusions on the front underside I needed to come up with something that they would lock int
  14. Honda or Yamaha you can't go wrong, Suzuki or Kawasaki are great machines as well, however I know around our area you are not going to find one that cheap, if you do it's toast and would probably need a total rebuild, I just sold one of my Ranchers (2013) for $4500. I didn't even know how many miles or hours were on it as it was a basic foot shift manual transmission. It was in great shape but they don't go cheap around here.

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