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  1. Here is a wiring diagram it should be for your machine if not it will be close. There is only 4 wires going to the switch. The red dashed on print I believe will be a red white striped wire which is positive 12 volt (terminal Batt). The red wire is the kill wire(terminal HO). Green dashed or green white goes to ground(terminal E) Then the black wire is the ignition wire(terminal IG). With switch on position contact is closed for the terminal Batt and terminal IG giving power to the CDI unit. The terminal E and HO is open. With switch in Off position the terminal Batt and IG is open and the terminals E and HO is closed turning the CDI off.
  2. Get a clear piece of hose the size of the carburetor bowl drain tube. Put it on the bowl drain and run the tube up beside the carburetor. Open the drain and let fuel run into the tube if the fuel goes up to the lip of the bowl where it connects to the carb float is correct but if it is below that then the float is not allowing the bowl to fill up and stay filled during high RPM.
  3. Oh just got through rebuilding a Differential. It cost about 350$ in parts. The problem was the ring gear/axel was stripped out. Had to have all new bearings, seals, axle, and ring gear in differential. Since you have to tear it all down you might as wheel replace the wheel bearings. If you do tear into it make sure you take all spacers that space ring gear , pinion gear and mark the from witch side they came off. It make a big difference when you go back together these have to be back where they came from.
  4. This appears to be about a 2000 big bear. The big bear and kodiac are very similar. I looked up some pics of big bear atv and seen one looks like it but different color and it was 2000 model.
  5. I have had this on several machines I have worked on and every time it has turned out to be one of the following. The air filter not on machine, cracks in the intake adapter, float not adjusted right, carb air fuel mixture not set correctly, or intake/exhaust valves not set correctly. I would start by first making sure the air filter is on the machine these ATVs will not run good without the air filter in place. The second thing I check is to make sure there is no cracks in the intake adapter and to make sure it has a good seal(this will give it to much air and cause this type problem). Next check the float level in the carb to ensure it has plenty of fuel in the bowl. I do this with carb on machine by taking a clear hose and putting on the drain tube of the bowl opening the drain with the tube running up the side the carb. If fuel level shows where the top of bowl lip meets the carb then float is set correctly if not carb will starve for fuel when you push the throttle. Another problem that can cause this is the valve setting. If the valves are to tight or to lose they will cause this type problem. On one occasion I had a coil bad that when engine was running at high rpm it would start cutting out and miss firing. But it would rev up just would not go down the road at higher then 1/3 throttle. From your description I do not think this is timing or ignition problem.

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