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  1. Yeah, not saying it wouldn't end up being a total boondogggle, but definitely a cool find. Now if it were a pair of mint Banshees....
  2. It cost me a KFX80 that a week prior was a mouse condominium. I bought it as parts for my kiddos LT 80, and managed to take and swap what I needed, and put back together something that ran and rolled. The kid I got the Blaster from head done the same thing basically. Except he had it all ass backwards. as it sat when I unloaded the trailer beat up DG bumper FMF Silencer. Not sure about the pipe- might be OEM, haven’t actually looked at it or cleaned it up yet. definitely putting it all back together, not sure if I’m gonna keep it or flip it.
  3. If it wasn’t there, if the core would not make connection with the tail end of the silencer, and just be blowing glass out the end
  4. Repacked it last night, made a video with the GoPro to test it, and can’t find the cable, so pics will have to suffice. The sheer luxury of my workspace is breathtaking, I know. Rest assured they don’t do justice to the craftsmanship and materials choice. Once again I’ve selected the finest available repacking kit available in my attic. I like to use the backer paper like a rolling machine to get the mat nice and tight 😂 I forgot to mention that I discovered the core was about an inch short of where it ought be, which was disappointing but not enough to rain on this parade of jury rigging. I found that the tailpiece from a bathroom sink drain is approximately the proper ID on both ends to accommodate the core, and the actual tailpiece of the silencer itself. Pretty much acts like a quiet core insert. I think I should get extra points for that bit of ingenuity and/or frugality. I don’t think it should amount to enough added back pressure to foil the efforts of the exhaust tuning, as I believe it’s well beyond the stinger and shouldn’t have much effect on power. 🤞
  5. Just FYI, it was suggested to me to get a bigger rectifier, @JustRandy said he uses a 50 amp one for a big old Triumph road bike on his KQ.
  6. Not my ad, but DAMN what a pair. https://classifieds.ksl.com/listing/64608092 2 New 2002 Yamaha Warriors Clearfield, UT | 2 Days ago $9,400.00 8 photos | View All Description Condition New Yes it's true pictures taken 7-14-2021....Long story due to old back injury I have 2 unused Yamaha warriors 350cc ....Stored indoors since new, one has about 1/2 hour ride time and the other has about 3 hours total..Haven't started them in a while I just bought two new batteries, You can text any questions to 385-294-9629 I'd like to sell both as a pair for 9400.00 firm, See to believe serious inquiries only, No codes, No Scammers, New machines averaging over $8500.00 in this category do the math and save $7 or $8k thanks for looking.
  7. Once again, because I hate finding forum threads that never delivered, the problem turned out to be a piece of the wrist pin bearing embedded in the case just as I suspected. The working theory is that the piston that was in it broke a ring as evidenced by old worn damaged spot on top of the piston, which has new rings on it. So someone reused the piston, which means they didn’t change the wrist pin bearing after a catastrophic failure of the rings, slapped it back together and probably sold it cheap to some kid who failed to properly pre-mix his oil and gas or didn’t at all. Blaster go boom. another plus, it came with a pretty sad looking FMF slip-on which cleaned up beautifully
  8. This turned out to be a nice little score. Just happened to have a foil decal from that little sticker begging project that was a perfect fit Cleaned up pretty good with some Dawn and CameO polish. Have to grind down some bubblegum and see if they actually achieved penetration or if it’s just a bunch of crud sitting on the top of a fissure. There’s some evidence of blow by where the core mates with the can but a little work with a peen hammer and some decent rivets in place of junk drawer hardware should shore that up.
  9. Love the hierarchy of quad supremacy lol! It's funny because it's true. Yamaha is a consistent finisher in racing too. YFZ450's all day long. I see EVERY SINGLE TEAM at races driving around on a Honda utility quad between motos. No matter what bikes they ride, Honda is nearly ubiquitous as their go-getter. Speaks to reliability and not much else I suppose. My suspicion is that someone just grabbed the wrong gas can to fill it up. Shit happens. More often than not. Sleeve looks clean like a broke-dicked dog. Just a little flash rusted. It looks like the piston was reused AFTER breaking rings. I bet someone re-ringed it, put on a new jug, and sold it cheap to some kid who failed to put premix in it. Just spitballing but it seems most likely. My personal theory is that the Chinese are trying to undermine Japan's secondary market by flooding the zone with cheaply made products that fit well enough and cost 1/8th as much. Law of large numbers. But I'm no economist.
  10. Like, um... take my money. I get a little extra gasket for the next go around. Even at $145 it's a bargain made in China.
  11. Imgur says it was the Yamaha tag, apparently there is quite a rabid fandom. With such a low financial barrier to entry, I can see why they’re so popular. The oiler was long gone when this happened, there’s an aftermarket delete plate where the oiler should be, and it isn’t anything recent. this was the condition of the wrist pin bearing when I removed it: I heard from the kid today, and extracted out of him that it was just a parts bike he picked up last week for the wheels. Which is funny, because the KFX80 was essentially the same exact thing, so we traded parts bikes.
  12. LMAO that IMGUR post that I thought only you and maybe the mod would see went Most Viral.
  13. Update: Went viral in IMGUR with this https://imgur.com/gallery/vsQXkVQ
  14. There is an oil pump delete/block-off installed on the clutch cover. Plugs in a couple spots where hoses probably should go. I have to look at one was supposed to look like to figure it out. just for the sake of putting it back together for now, I sanded down the rusty clutch discs and stacked them with the pressure plates and reinstalled the clutch and cover, without gaskets. Going to order a set and a top end rebuild kit for it. The head is all dinged up internally, and I'd just as soon start fresh without messing with the sleeve. I can get everything I need - clutch kit, gaskets, piston, cylinder, head, and a carb - for about $125. It's a whole different world from the hunting down parts and paying small fortunes for mundane items I've grown accustomed to with Suzuki. Incredibly broad and deep aftermarket for these bikes. Lots of YFZ parts fit it too, if one is so inclined.

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