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  1. I had the same problem it was the Rectifier it went bad
  2. I had a similar problem I have a 1998 king quad the quad idol perfect as soon as I gave a little gas the quad with spuderd and it had no power took the carburetor off cleaned it put it back same problem. I checked the petcock and clean that too still had the same problem. I drop the machine off at ATV dealer and motorcycle dealer they found the problem the problem was electrical it was the rectifier I would’ve never found that problem out I would’ve bet my life that it was the carburetor or a fuel problem.
  3. The rectifier is in the front below the handlebars and it’s right behind the vent slats that are right under the handlebars on the right side you have to take the front rack off and loosen some of the bolts that hold the front fenders onto the ATV and also The knobs that are on the selectors levers reverse low high remove that panel to then you’ll be able to peel back plastic just enough to get at the rectifier.
  4. Well I found out what was wrong with my King quad I rebuilt the carburetor and it still had the same problem idle perfect but when gave it gas it had no power I threw in the towel brought it to the mechanic that works on ATVs and bikes. He found the problem it was an electrical problem he had to replace my rectifier ATV runs perfect now.
  5. I had a similar problem with my 1998 Suzuki King quad started right up idol perfect as soon as I gave it gas it was sputtering and backfire and no power rebuilt the carburetor and Thats right WTF. I threw in the towel gave it to this guy on Long Island and he found that my rectify it was bad. BAD RECTIFY !
  6. How are you doing guys I just joined I have a 1998 Suzuki King quad I’m having problems with high RPMs the ATV idols perfectly but soon as a throttle up it doesn’t stall but it just bogs down it has no power any suggestions thanks

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