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  1. Thank you guys. I will try looking into the rectifier and see if that solves the issue. I will keep you guys updated @davefrombc and @Hunter19
  2. Hello. @davefrombc The carb was fine once it was replaced, I rode it for about a year and now this issue. Over the past couple days I have been working on cleaning the carb and messing with the mixture screw. The problem with all of this is you have to take the carb and airbox off in order to even look at the mixture screw. When I took the carb apart and cleaned it, I made note of the mixture screw position, it was 2 1/4 rotations to be screwed in all the way. Once I set the screw back to its original position I re-assembled the carb, threw it in and still got the same issue. When I had the carb replaced the first time I had it tuned by a shop. Now that I have cleaned the carb, I have been doing test runs with only turning the mixture screw clockwise 1/2 a turn at a time. I ended up getting that screw half a turn away from being screwed in all the way and the problem has not been fixed. Is the next step to put that screw back where I found it and adjust the main fuel metering rod? I am new to carb issues, but am trying my best to solve this issue. @randy02136 I am not too happy with this issue and I feel your pain about having to take the airbox and the carb off in order to make any type of adjustments to the carb.
  3. Yes. The fuel petcock looks good. I took the spark plug out to find its running very rich. I am attempting to adjust the carburetor mixture screw. Any advice on how far I should turn it?
  4. I am not sure what is wrong with my King Quad. I had a new carburetor put in 6 months ago, just replaced the fuel pump and added an in-line fuel filter in. I have been trying to fix this quad for a while now and do not know what is wrong with it. It idles fine and runs great as soon as it is fired up, you can Rev it and stay in first gear with 100% power. As soon as I drive 10 feet it looses all power, I mean it is sputtering and doesn't move at all, but when I let off the gas after it sputters it idles fine. I will attach a video of what it is doing. Snapchat-1290161440.mp4
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