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  1. The area around the lodge has some great mountain trails & also a cool mud pit.
  2. My 2009 Arctic Cat down at it's favorite watering hole in Aroostook County, Maine!
  3. Wintertime riding in Northern Maine on my Yamaha Wolverine!
  4. I put this video together several year ago...
  5. My 2000 Yamaha Wolverine parked right below a giant tree spider on a trail in the North woods of Maine!
  6. Ride 24/7 on hundreds of miles of offroad ATV trails through Northern Maine's scenic Aroostook County - all types of terrain. http://www.katahdinlodge.com
  7. This is a video I put together of our rides in northern Maine - also some local ATV mudboggin events... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO6H_aDBXKs]YouTube - KATAHDIN LODGE - ATV Mountains and Mudbogs[/ame] Enjoy!
  8. The picture of those two moose was taken right behind our cabin - you always give them the right-of-way on the trails up here! moose6
  9. The best ATV & snowmobile riding in the Northeast - hundreds of miles of LEGAL trails. All types of terrain - woods, rocks, mountains, dirt roads, mud and awesome scenery! Wilderness lake with canoes. Rooms, cabins and excellent meals available. Check out KATAHDIN LODGE in Northern Maine

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