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  1. wanrep

    2001 Kawasaki 300 bayou shifter shaft

    Not that hard to do. You'll need to remove the right hand engine cover and the 2 clutches in order to pull it out. There's a few washers and springs you need to watch for so a service manual is needed to make sure everything goes back together correctly. An air impact is helpful getting those clutch nuts off. The shaft and a new cover gasket should be all the parts you'll need. A Kawasaki or Clymer manual walks you through the process.
  2. wanrep

    2000 Yamaha Big Bear lots of play in shifter

    Take the shifter mechanism out of the side case and put it in the engine. The hooked piece at the top of the shifter should grab those pins on the star shaped piece when you operate the shifter. That star shape piece is screwed to the shift drum. The torsion spring at the bottom of the mechanism looks fine. They never wear out and rarely break. When you put the shifter mechanism in the engine, there's a pin that fits between the 2 legs of the spring.
  3. wanrep

    2004 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Ultramatic help

    Don't know the length you'll need but go to any hardware store and buy a 1/2" x 36" piece of all-thread or threaded rod. It'll cost about $5. Cut however much you don't need off. A piece of rebar will also work.
  4. wanrep

    2004 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Ultramatic help

    The only danger is messing up the end of the axle. Do you have a large deep well socket that would slide over the splines on the axle end and butt up to wheel hub stop? If not use a socket that just slides over the threads on the axle end and butts up to the splines. Try to avoid having those threads on the end of the axle take all the force.
  5. wanrep

    2004 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Ultramatic help

    Sounds like a bigger hammer is in order. I've had to use a sledge hammer on some to get out.
  6. wanrep

    1986 Honda FourTax TRX200 Wheel Cylinder

    I'd say it's entirely possible but I have no clue which model that'd be.
  7. wanrep

    1986 Honda FourTax TRX200 Wheel Cylinder

    I checked 2 sources and both said those wheel cylinders were only used on '86-'88 TRX200. Honda has discontinued the cylinders and the seals to rebuild them. I didn't see any aftermarket kits available either.
  8. I'm pretty sure the range selector on those old Yamaha's won't go in reverse unless it's in 1st gear. As for not shifting into 1st....first place to check is the shift mechanism that sits behind the clutch. You'll have to pull the right engine cover and remove the 2 clutches to see it. See if it's turning the shift drum when you move the shift lever up or down. A manual is a must if you've never had one apart.
  9. wanrep

    2004 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Ultramatic help

    The part # for that seal is 5FU-F5319-01-00. It's not glued in and should pry out with a seal puller. When you put the new seal in, it helps to smear some grease around the edge of the hole and the seal itself. You should be able to tap around the edge of the seal with a hammer to get it in. I'd put a thin coat of rtv on the brake plate before you bolt it on the differential. Seal puller. Harbor Freight or any auto parts store should have one.
  10. wanrep

    Suzuki LTA 50 frame VIN location?

    Not sure of the 50's but the 80's have the vin stamped in the frame between the 2 front shock upper mounts.
  11. wanrep

    Part numbers

    If you need Honda, Kaw, Suzuki, Yamaha, Arctic cat, Polaris, try https://www.babbittsonline.com/
  12. wanrep

    2004 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Ultramatic help

    You'll need to replace #31 and 33 to keep the water out of the brakes. Also pull out #17 and clean it up then grease it so it turns easily. I'd replace #38 also. As for the axle, it comes out from the right side and it may take a few taps with a hammer to get out. Put the nut on the end of the axle before hammering to avoid messing the threads up. There are wheel bearing kits out there that have #10, 12, 13 & 14. I'd replace the right side bearing as well. You'll need a long punch to hammer the old bearings out. Grease the new seals before installing.
  13. LOL....Is it a Textron, Arctic Cat or Tracker?.....Yes.
  14. The ATV market gets more & more convoluted every year. It's getting where I can't keep up with who makes what any more.
  15. Axle comes out from the right side. You'll need a long rod/punch to knock those bearings out.