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  1. Your Yamaha has a limited slip front diff. When they get low on oil, they will tend to growl in a tight turn. I'd drain the oil and refill with a good 80w90 gear oil. The other thing that helps is adding 1 ounce of friction modifier, made specifically for limited slip diffs., to the oil. Some of the gear oils have the friction modifier in the oil already. Royal Purple is one of them. If you can't find one, the auto parts store should sell a 4oz. bottle of friction modifier. The early Honda 4wd's were bad about chattering front diffs. also.
  2. Yep, been there too. Most times it's not enough slack in the throttle cable that causes the problem. The other thing that causes problems with spark is that rev limiter box. You just unplug the black wire to eliminate that.
  3. CanAm lists a Traxter CVT 650 for 2005. The clutches are identical to the Trail Buck. I didn't see a Quest listed for 2005.
  4. wanrep

    2011 Can-Am Commander XT bad tranny

    2011 with a bad tranny....not surprising. It's a cvt/belt set up. Expect a dealer to charge around $3500 to put a new one in.
  5. Bombardier made the Trail Buck for John Deere. Same as the Traxter 650. Now it'll be listed as a CanAm Traxter 650.
  6. wanrep

    New member

    That was a quick 10. You win a manual. lol
  7. wanrep

    1986 moto 4

    59V is the engine code for a 1986 YFM225
  8. wanrep

    Neutral safety switch

    If I remember correctly, the driveshaft just slips off the bevel gear shaft. Just have to loosen the clamp on the boot. No need to take anything apart on the bevel gear housing. Just remove it from the engine. It's been a while since I did this so I checked the SM and you don't have to worry about getting into the tranny. The part on the end of the shift drum is accessible when you take the switch off. I'd check that part first before you order any parts. It's possible that the contact pin on that part is stuck. Kaw calls that part reverse stopper.
  9. wanrep

    Neutral safety switch

    I checked my wiring diagram for the 220 and you are correct. That switch provides the ground for the starter relay/neutral light AND the reverse light.
  10. wanrep

    Neutral safety switch

    I got the switch off Ebay. There's a piece on the end of the shift drum that makes contact with the switch. Make sure it turns when you shift gears. If not, you're really screwed cuz you'll have to get into the transmission to replace it. When you pull the switch out, take a pair of needle nose pliers and short the 2 contacts on the switch and see if the neutral light comes on.
  11. wanrep

    Neutral safety switch

    Oh...don't forget to get a bevel gear case gasket when you get your switch. That should be all you need.
  12. wanrep

    Neutral safety switch

    It's pretty ignorant for Kaw to put that switch where they did but.... You'll have to unbolt the swingarm and shocks then pull the swingarm back enough to disengage the driveshaft. Then unbolt the bevel gear case. I think there's seven bolts on it. Then you can change the switch. It took me a couple hours the first time.
  13. Does holding the override button in make any difference?
  14. 2 1/2 out is a good starting point. It should idle at that setting.