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  1. I couldn't believe the play it had in the video.. hopefully it goes back together as easy as it came apart
  2. I found a few on Ebay for around 150 or 180 but they all need the bearing and seal replaced, idk what kind of job that is or how it's down
  3. That would be awesome I found a list of ATV'S that also use the same rear diff
  4. I could only find the front diff on that website, I dont imagine they're the same so I'm a little confused. But it did have a list of several models and years of similar parts so that makes it easier
  5. Any good way you know of doing that? A specific website that could tell me or how do I go about googling it? I found a 99 350 diff for just under 200, it looks the same anyway. I know anything under 96 or 95 wont work because the shaft coming from the diff to the driveshaft is different. Dont know about 2000 but 99 looks the same from what I can tell
  6. Could I fit a 99 or a 2000 year diff on this?
  7. Pretty sure the very middle is at least the outsides might be okay
  8. Can these be rebuilt? I can't even find a used one for a 97 online
  9. The axle and the inside of the diff are stripped to nothing just about.
  10. That makes it so much easier, thank you. I was trying the wrong side and thinking something completely different.
  11. How does the diff come off before the axle? I've got the 4 bolts off the side and the 4 bolts off the front now it seems the only thing holding it is the axle

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