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  1. I have a problem here, she starts and only runs for about a minute on her own fuel. her idle is high then boggs down. Then she seems to have a light backfire then dies. Any ideas what to look for are appreciated. Ive already gone through the carbs.
  2. thats a good idea going forward the bill of sale. how much$does the vin search cost and titling in your state?
  3. alright picked up the wolverine for 600, 1994 250cc 2x4 not bad little scooter. she aint the best looking ride out there especially after my seat reupholster job. but just needed front brakes adjusted. long and short flipped her in about 4 days. question wherever you're from. do you find most atv and the like being sold do not have paperwork? its pretty common here i think largely because we have so much open space.
  4. hey gents, took her for some riding its got great low range but still wont engage high gear. someone on the trail suggested the idle as well, but unfortunately still grinding and wont engage high. appreciate any ideas, meanwhile headed out to pickup a wolverine i found on craigs hope its what he says it is. wish me luck.
  5. yessir found it and going to go hill climbing thanks again,
  6. thanks for the reply and video. what happened next after disconnecting that wire was, i was unable to shut down the wheeler using the switch or my key. so i reconnected wire. I think being that my atv is different year than the bike on the video i probably need to see the wiring diagram specific to mine. Or another video. was not able to find my exact model addressing my issue on youtube that's why i'm here searching.
  7. New to me xpress i believe shuts down when put into reverse, but if i hold the override button it will remain running. This is not normal operation based on my scramblers i've owned before. She also grinds when i attempt to select high gear and wont engage. lastly she runs great in low gear . I dont know how to fix this or where to begin my troubleshooting. 1994 polaris 300 2x4 thanks in advance for any suggestions/solutions

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