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  1. Hey folks just wanted to share my progress. Its coming around pretty good. Motor and transmission work great. And the 4x4 is working also. Having issues with the front brakes. I installed some used brake lines but i believe they're also blocked up. Not having any success getting fluid to them. The rear brake works but not sure about it i have to stomp on them very hard. Anyway just showing my progress at this time.
  2. Here's a couple of pics current condition.She runs strong needs some more work and the plastics but so far so good . Ten years under atree shes responded well thus far.
  3. well i fixed some of my electrical issues. i cleaned the main ground, i installed the correct cdi box. Havent addressed the lights not working but it just may be replacing the bulbs. I need to check my float valve its sticking open. but hey making progress thanks for your questions they helped me, help myself and thats a good thing.
  4. well a little background i got this after it had been sitting for more than ten years under a tree. a lot of dry wiring and mice had made this thing home. after cleaning it up i began with some parts simply because they were missing. ok im not familiar with the main ground your speaking of. yes basically i replaced all those parts over a few days. when i bench tested the starter it worked. i have a multi meter but generally dont use it.
  5. So my quad will start and run pull start, i installed new battery, solenoid, ignition. the problem is 1 the starter will try but not start. the quad. 2 when running i cannot shut it down with either the switch or the ignition i shut it down by allowing the fuel to run out. 3 no lights come on headlights or brake lights when i turn the ignition on my neutral light works as well as the reverse indicator. any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  6. ezduzit


  7. thanks looking forward to this challenge. i'll follow up once i get it home and begin going thru it . good day!
  8. picking up atv tomorrow, guys says motor is locked up. he thinks, anyway has been sitting for more than three years. Please understand i have not touched it yet but if his description is accurate im looking for suggestions on freeing it up before having to tear it down. I'm hoping to get some great info from the pros on Quadcrazy.
  9. couple of things i found on why she was'nt running right. #1 fuel filter was clogged/ replaced #2 sparkplug was fouled/ replaced #3 bad fuel/ old fuel/ replaced as for the intake boot crack it was just on the rubber coating and not affecting air intake. really enjoying this forum, learned a bunch already. sure i'll be back on the next project/ flip. To all novices out in QC land (like myself) that love to do it yourself. Check here first b4 you spend your $$. Start with the obvious things before you rule out anything. Go Tarheels shooting for three (finals) fours in a row
  10. well off to ebay hope i find one thanks again. ''doing what i gotta do to eat'' have a great day gents
  11. thanks to all that replied. upon closer look found a hairline crack on the intake boot. unsure if i can fix it or would replacement be best?
  12. I have a problem here, she starts and only runs for about a minute on her own fuel. her idle is high then boggs down. Then she seems to have a light backfire then dies. Any ideas what to look for are appreciated. Ive already gone through the carbs.
  13. thats a good idea going forward the bill of sale. how much$does the vin search cost and titling in your state?
  14. alright picked up the wolverine for 600, 1994 250cc 2x4 not bad little scooter. she aint the best looking ride out there especially after my seat reupholster job. but just needed front brakes adjusted. long and short flipped her in about 4 days. question wherever you're from. do you find most atv and the like being sold do not have paperwork? its pretty common here i think largely because we have so much open space.

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