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92 350l trailboss electrical issue need help

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So my quad will start and run pull start, i installed new battery, solenoid, ignition. the problem is

1 the starter will try but not start. the quad. 

2 when running i cannot shut it down with either the switch or the ignition i shut it down by allowing the fuel to run out.

3 no lights come on headlights or brake lights

when i turn the ignition on my neutral light works as well as the reverse indicator.

any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Hey ez. So i want to back up for a minute and ask a few questions. 

1. Did you change all the parts at the same time or was it process of elimination ?

2. Did you use oem parts specifically the ignition switch?

3. Have you tried to pull the main ground off of the frame, cleaned and reinstalled? 

4. Have you tried to apply voltage directly to the starter to make sure your cranking problem is not the starter or the starter clutch? 

5. Have you checked your kill switch for continuity with a tester to make sure its closing and opening? 

It sounds like an aftermarket ignition switch to me but i could be wrong. 

Are you handy with an electrical tester?

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well a little background i got this after it had been sitting for more than ten years under a tree. a lot of dry wiring and mice had made this thing home. after cleaning it up i began with some parts simply because they were missing.

ok im not familiar with the main ground your speaking of. yes basically i replaced all those parts over a few days. when i bench tested the starter it worked.

i have a multi meter but generally dont use it.

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well i fixed some of my electrical issues. i cleaned the main ground, i installed the correct cdi box.  Havent addressed the lights not working but it just may be replacing the bulbs.

I need to check my float valve its sticking open. but hey making progress thanks for your questions they helped me, help myself and thats a good thing.

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Your very welcome. There is a topic on cleaning carburetors that's helpful. 
Be sure to post a few pics of the progress.  I like seeing old bikes that have been sitting around being brought back to life.  

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Here's a couple of pics current condition.She runs strong needs some more work and the plastics but so far so good . Ten years under atree shes responded well thus far.




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      I purchased a battery to try this all out.  Waiting to return it and get the proper size, as it was too big for the battery box.  But here is my issue I had while the battery was connected.

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      I have read a few other threads and it stated something about needed the neutral light on.  SOmething about a kill switch.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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