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  1. plastic barrels work well for larger applications like building rear fender and such. for some reason I wasn't able to edit my previous post to add this info so its gonna haveta stay fractured like this...
  2. They are afaik. They are considerably bigger than the ones on my '91 and '93 but look factory in every way. Here's a little diy tip for folks wanting to extend or remake mud guards. If you cut the top ring and bottom off of a 5 gallon pail and split it up the side it will unroll to a good size for making mud guards. If you split it on an angle you can get the front taper and a little more length if you are making 2 out of 1 pail. The plastic is strong and durable and easy to work with...and pails come in a bunch of different colors so you have options.
  3. oh...another little fyi...the starter solenoid on those bikes is in a terrible spot under yer left butt cheek. Whenever my starter acts up I clean the connections on the solenoid and she's good to go again...
  4. I've had 3 of those bikes '91.'92, 93and still have the 92. Electrical is usually an issue with the spade terminals in the power distribution panel under the cover to the left of the headlight. I have twice had to pull and individually clean the entire panel and connectors to rectify electrical problems in those bikes. It seems like a common issue and if it sat outside there is a good chance that a few are corroded. The rear brakes are adjusted with the black knob sticking out of the rear caliper over top of the chain guard on the right side of the bike right beside the recoil. You can feel the pedal come up as you adjust it. It doesn't take much to get brakes back if there is pad left. Remember, the rear brake is a driveline brake and only works when it's in gear. Step on it before shifting and it won't grind into gear ; ) FYI, there is a burp valve on the top of the head that you bleed air from the cooling system with. If you ever get a leak make sure you bleed the air before you run it or you'll melt er down. This is my '92
  5. That's it. If it was $20 on Amazon.ca I'd just buy one too, but for $78.41 I think I'll find a better option. Not sure how it measures 10x6x1...might just hit a Polaris shop next time I go down to the city and measure one myself. I appreciate the effort, obliged!
  6. Good score priced right! "we get weather here" lol ...Saskatchewan lite
  7. ^^^ great link to 2wheelpros, Ima be usin that one. Obliged!
  8. If you have a Princess Auto in Mississauga you might wanna check them out. They usually have Powerfist ATV covers and sales are often. Mind there is a difference between a storage and transport cover especially with the made in China Powerfist store brand. Surprisingly the first link given translates to .ca and the price isn't as wild as it usually is going from .com to .ca https://www.amazon.ca/QuadBoss-Quad-Cover-2X-Large-Camo/dp/B000I1VS48/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=quadboss+atv+cover&qid=1575822937&sr=8-5&th=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=qcforum-20&linkId=a600212efdad1733d032575a2e5f599c&language=en_US
  9. The engine oil dipstick on my 550XP took a dump and the bottom 1/3 was missing. Apparently it's a common occurrence from the bit of reading I've done on it. Anyway I'm not gonna replace it just to have it happen again so I cut the rest of it off and ground it flat to use as a plug. So now with no dipstick to check oil level I have some choices. -Buy another dipstick to use as a dipstick...NOT -Do an oil change and build a depth checker from the new full level -ask the good people on QuadCrazy! Any one with a like year 550XP wanna measure their dipstick from the base to the end so I can make an oil level check stick? Thanks folks!
  10. Pretty boring here... I needed something smaller than a tractor to disc/harrow the round pen. Bought an 85 Honda trx250.
  11. Down to 3 quads here, all Poos 09 Sportsman 550XP 01 Sportsman 400 93 Trailboss 350
  12. I used to view common sense as a super power. After years of dealing with people that don't have it, I realize it's actually a curse. Ignorance is bliss after all!
  13. My buddy got some Rust Check over spray on some faded blue Polaris Magnum plastics and when he wiped it off it looked great so he did the rest of the quad. It's been months and it still looks like new. Cheap enough to be worth a try on purpose.

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