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  1. I’ll be towing it minimum 200km one way to go ice fishing and it I can only imagine how messed up it would be from all the salt that they’re using in the roads here. Those covers look good, how long have you been using the quadboss cover ?
  2. Good morning everybody I’ll be looking to get a cover for my Polaris sportsman touring that can be used while I take my atv to the lake for ice fishing. min using an open flat trailer and I want to protect it from the road salt I know Polaris makes a nice cover but it’s kind of on the expensive side. I’ve seen some covers on amazon and eBay but was wondering if anybody has any suggestions Thanks
  3. So I got them the other day and they didn't come with rims. On the picture they were on rims thats why I thought they come on rims, but it was a good deal anyway. I installed them on my old rims and they look like solid tires, time will tell
  4. I ended up ordering 2 Loadstar tires on rims 4.80-12 For 47$ each from royal distribution. It was the best price I could find. I hope they will be ok thanks for your help
  5. I checked amazon.ca and there’s not to many choices and very few reviews. Now I looked at amazon.com and there’s much more reviews and looks like those tires are not bad for the price Thanks
  6. It’s kind of ATV related question as I need new trailer tires to tow my 4 wheeler. Does anybody have any experience with loadstar 12” trailer tires ? There is not to many choices for trailer tires here in Ontario and I was wandering if somebody can recommend me something.
  7. I checked the resistance on pins 1 and 2 and it does change when I press the throttle. It was around 2150 ohms when I press the throttle it jumps to over 6000 ohms so I’m guessing the switch is working correctly. When I started it up the code was gone and didn’t come back yet so either it was the connection or something else. Thank you guys for your help
  8. marek porowski

    marek porowski

  9. I will be checking that resistance tomorrow, Thanks for all that info
  10. thanks for the reply Yes I did see it and I checked that connector and everything looked Clean and was plugged in tight. I finally got my parts yesterday and assembled the suspension on it so I’ll be able to take it for a ride this weekend I hope and I’ll see if the code clears or it it is affecting how it’s running
  11. I'm from Mississauga, and also new to atv's.
  12. Hi, I got a check engine light and a diagnostic code 520194 2 and i know it has something to do with throttle voltage out of range I'd like to know if thats something that can be adjusted ? Or does anybody know what should i test ? I just bought this atv and I'm fixing it as its been in an accident. I also changed throttle leaver as original one was broken and I noticed inside the 4x4 selector assembly there are 2 contacts but I'm not sure if they're suppose to make contact at idle. I found some info online but some are saying they're suppose to touch and some say they're not. I think id depends of the year of the machine but I'm not sure. I'd really appreciate any help that i can get with this Thanks
  13. I just bought my first atv. It's a 2017 Polaris 570 sp with a little over 1000 km on it, it's after an accident so I'm learning how to fix them right away and I hope I'll be able to find a lot of useful info on this site.

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