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  1. @Ajmboy I'm not a photographer, that was a screenshot off a video!?
  2. We're stripping it down to put on a new steering stem and clean it all out.
  3. Shane Pillar

    Shane Pillar

  4. @quadmaniac yes those are ours mine is getting rebuilt, a build for gncc racing probably ready in the spring. Waiting on one more part.
  5. We are putting in a hot camshaft, chrome valves, and new piston rings. Maybe a high compression piston but definitely new rings. I have a powercore 4 slip on by fmf and will soon be getting a power bomb header.
  6. I read that you should rebuild it every 50 hours of operating. I have a 08 raptor 250 that we are rebuilding for cross country racing. Are you rebuilding this for racing, or because it's shot?
  7. In the pictures section the gray and red raptor is sisters
  8. I have a 2008 Yamaha Raptor 250. Dad has a 2003 Arctic Cat 400. Sister has the same as me.
  9. Talk about what kind of atv you have and what you do with it.
  10. My 2008 Yamaha raptor 250. Little jump in backfield.
  11. My 2008 Yamaha raptor 250. Little jump in backfield.
  12. First of all, what kind of four wheeler, if it is sport and you are looking to do cross country type riding, I recommend razors by maxxis. They are designed by a cross country champion. Great drifting and good hookup.
  13. My raptor wouldn't start, we checked the celonoid it was getting volts, starting motor was only getting 3 volts

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