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  1. Though I do see a flaw, 4 wheelers are often geared for those tiny rear tires. a 16-17" rear tire could really mess up the gearing. Can ya imagine that little tire on the yam I posted, spinning at 70+ MPH on the eway for a while? Id almost like to do a rear tire like that, wide and flat. But not so small.
  2. Looks a bit goofy when he turned, maybe cause he used a reg rounded rear tire. With it now being like a car, trike or even a side car your not leaning to turn, so the rear tire can be wide and flat. as if the front end isn't articulating when he turns, the rear end is leaning.
  3. Exploiting a loop hole in the law, turn 4 wheeler into rev trike for a long while I have been trying to get a real 4 wheeler street legal. the problem is with the state laws, if it has 4 wheels, its a car and has mega more rules. If it only has 3 wheels, its a trike and can be made from cobbled junk parts held together with duct tape and they will plate it I wonder if anyone would have insight on changing a 4 wheeler over to a single rear wheel? [ I can't afford some $40-60,000 canam or super bike modded into a car, rev trike kit ] I want something I can truly ride year round on and off road. Ive rode enough old Honda 3 wheelers that I know I do not want a traditional motorcycle trike. So the single wheel has to go out back.
  4. I have no idea how big a tires I haven't found yet will be. PO ran car/truck tires on them to be DOT so it could be used on the road. I want to use the rims, but go back to a traditional off road narley knobbie. Looking for suggestion on what to get or where to find ones that will fit a 15x7 car rim???
  5. I can get a set of 15" -7in width car rims modded for a Yamaha Big Bear 350 4x4, but id like to run an agressive knobbie tire, not a truck tire. anyone have a suggestion?

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