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  1. Cool photos. Big difference to what I'm used to as I'm from New Zealand. What sort of camera? Just your standard trail cam? I'm keen to have a go here
  2. Looking at whipping up a handlebar rack for my rifle. Who's got them . Have a fair idea but looking for more ideas. Thanks
  3. Ah it's now night here in New Zealand but morning isint to far away.
  4. Hi everyone. Currently have a 2004 King quad 300 4wd. There's a few parts I need to get 4wd working again and also have a crack in the engine crankcase(big trucking rock). Replacement engines are horribly expensive so looking for a half decent site to buy parts /kits that also have detailed diagrams and part numbers. Going to disassemble weld crack and give the engine a freshen up. Any recommendations please
  5. I think I might have a similar problem except mine only smokes if you start revving when it's cold. If left to warm up properly it generally doesn't smoke. Stuck ring?
  6. Would love to see how you ended up mounting it. I'm thinking of doing one too
  7. It must be a ltf300f. With disc brakes too. I didint get the chance to try it today but I will try that tomorrow. Best to do that out of diff lock? It does sound like it's coming from strait under fuel tank . Cheers
  8. Just not long got this wee gem . 2004 ltf300 King quad. With under 2500 kms from new. Hunting wagon and general work around the lifestyle block
  9. Hi there everyone. Just seeing if there is advice on a problem I have before I start digging too deep. I recently bought this creally nice 2004 King quad ltf300 with only 2400km.. Everything things works great except when engaged into 4wd or diff lock it has a clicking noise ( sounds like broken teeth etc) are the front diffs known to blow? Or the transfer from engine? I am yet to test on some loose ground to see if I'm getting drive at front . I will be driving in to find problem in next few weeks but thought I'd see if anyone might know what it is first. Cheers

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