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  1. Moved to the mountains of West Virginia a year ago. I was given 4 Suzuki king quad 300's. Plan on trying to make at least one out of the pile.
  2. Sold it 5 years ago. It was leaking into the oil through the cylinder. Took a while to figure out why the oil level was rising on it's own. You can't replace the seat and I tried every trick I could to fix it. Finally gave up and bought a used one off Ebay.
  3. So patience and perseverance are better than a bfh sometimes? Dang. Glad you got her going Frank.
  4. Indeed and I've a wood stove to install. Yahoo!!!! We are starting to get an occasional warm day. I'm ready to get 4wheeling, cant convince the lawnmower to get the job done. Its stuck in a little bit of snow. Jeez
  5. Thanks for the info. I saw that you had mentioned them but my old man brain thought you were going to repurpose a dirt bike part somehow. I can't wait to start on my pile but have been trying to get a barn turned into an actual workshop.
  6. Or possibly a stamped ring epoxied in? Much better design whichever. Frank where did you source this if you don't mind my asking? With the milage on my pile I may need one.
  7. Wow looks like the Dr. nailed it Frank. Makes those gaps pretty suspicious.
  8. Haven't been here for a while and just knew I was going to see the solution. You've got the big daddy of gremlins there Frank. You're not going to like me anymore but I think something might be plugged up in the high speed circuit in the carbulator. If no joy from the electrical components you're waiting to swap pull it again. Dang I feel your pain.
  9. Frank looked my cdi up in the manual. Doesn't look doable.
  10. Sorry we had a lazy snowy day on the farm, just saw your reply Frank. I've read that the regulator could be the culprit with your symptoms. Output above 15.5 v can cause the cdi to loose it. I've just about got the front fender off the lowest millage machine. Shouldn't be much to get the piece out for you. Unfortunately I'd not be able to say it's for sure good.
  11. I'll send you one of my cdi units to try if you like. Don't know if the KQ 300 is useful or not.
  12. Carbon arcing with the spark plug maybe. KFZ has to have hit one of em. Checked rectifier output?
  13. I bet it's the sparkulator in confabulation with thethingamabobber.

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