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  1. Learning to fly

    This was taken during the last year the allowed quads to race at clark county arenacross
  2. Straddleline orv park

    One of the few mx tracks us quads get to ride and race at here in the PNW. Love my Quadcross Northwest family!
  3. help me please

    if it sat for that long, it is more than likely the battery.
  4. Race Quad

    Can-Am is bringing their DS450 back with the 2014s. take a peek at them. I haven't had a single problem with my 08.
  5. Joe is back!

    its been a couple years, but Im back on here, checking in every now and again. Im also working at Pitbull Powersports where we sell and work on Can-Am Products. but just cause we are a Can Am dealer doesn't mean you cant stop by and get anything worked on, or any part ordered. just let us know.
  6. Lap 2

    Sadly, I wrecked 2 times in the first time through the infield, and ended 11th in the beginner's class. but it was still a good job for my first race. lol
  7. Worst Looking Quad.

    How Dare You Mike! My DS450X is a beautiful machine!
  8. Calling all Bombardier/CanAm Ryders

    I am here too, just haven't visited this site much since I bought my Spyder last year. been thinking of a way to trailer my quad with it hooked up to my Spyder. haven't found the right trailer yet.
  9. snow riding ! went riding with bot and his wife back in 08....October, and of course, unbeknownst to us, we got the first snow of the winter that night....opened the door, 3" of snow on the quads and UTV, by morning, 6"....needless to say, we made fresh tracks everywhere, got stuck too much (haha), and had unlimited fun. the Sand Dunes of CO turned into the Snow Dunes.
  10. car flip

    When "Bump to Pass" goes bad! haha
  11. Coming out of the mud

    See what I mean? haha
  12. Stuck Rhino

    Should have stayed on your quad Mike....Leave the UTV to the Drtygrl. haha
  13. whoa! I says

    yay for Endos. haha