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  1. Here's some pics from within the last month. Rather than build a frame and body from scratch, I drove to Kansas and bought a rust bucket G2 for $40 minus batteries. I've since cut it up in prep for the 1100cc v-twin shaft drive engine. I've included a picture of the of the latest mock-up. Im extending the frame and wheel base 12 more inches and widening the body by 12 more inches as well. I have on order a right side axle shaft and housing for the left side of my ATV rear end. This will widen the axle by about 12 inches. I will be eliminating the front a-arms and replacing with straight pipe
  2. I bought this today, elect with no batteries, thinking im gonna set that honda shadow vtwin 1100cc in it with about a 10" lift and 26" tires. Gonna go pick it up saturday, its 225 miles away in kansas.


  3. What a mess, but it looks like I only need to replace the connecting rod bearing ($29) and gasket set ($30). The hard part is gonna be putting that crank back together and getting it perfectly straight. Ill have less than $200 into this bike if this all goes well. So, i guess im not gonna be cutting it up for golf cart parts after all.
  4. No worries. Hit me up if you have trouble finding parts and I'll help you search
  5. they ran it out of oil and the connecting rod bearing has seized the rod to the crank. i gotta separate the crank halves to see how bad it is. im googling now to see if i can get those parts and what its gonna cost. other than that, this motor is clean inside and in great condition. id like to fix it and put the bike back together, otherwise it becomes a donor in a homemade monster golf cart of a sort. lol
  6. Health got me down but it cant keep me down, not for too long anyway. ill be back in the shop soon building more of Frankie  (my Frankenstein, honda shadow 1100cc shaft driven water cooled v-twin  2 seater monster cart). There's so much to do on that beast! Pics when I have something more  to show.

  7. https://www.alibaba.com/ & https://www.aliexpress.com @orvilleortiz538 these are chinese sites you can order from (I think you gotta create account,...brain injury so I cant remember for sure) and they have parts, you just gotta find them. i order all kinds of things from them and get them super cheap, you just gotta wait about a month for them to get here, usually unless you pay for faster shipping
  8. looks like 124cm3 is the 125cc engine. im gonna keep looking for ya and see what i can find
  9. do you know what cc those motors are? Im googling and looking for something that looks like what i see in your pic
  10. @orvilleortiz538 hard to tell what all you have to work with, without being there to check it out myself but there are places to get the parts you need for those things. I had to order parts for a scooter a while back, you just gotta know exactly what you have to get what you need. I got welders and stuff, so i'd probably do mods if was too much of a pain in the ass. Im turning a honda shadow 1100cc bike into a trike 1st, then Im building a front end for it and a longer frame. Eventually itll be a mid engine 2 seater side by side called Frankie. I just like to create monsters! Sea
  11. im trying to not get hospitalized, i got my new/used multi-process welder fixed up and all put together, got steel, and I want to start doing the mods on the honda shadow so I can get that atv axle mounted. That bike is one heavy beast to move around without wheels on it. hahaha. aand I need the space to put the lift and bigger wheels on my g1 golf cart and the beast honda shadow is in the way! I like those "dont run, been sitting in the shed" deals. Thats how I got my G1 golf cart. A clip popped off one of the linkages and the linkage popped loose from the carb. I fixed that and had to fi
  12. I've been out of commission with health issues, but I was able to take the motor out of my 220 and broke most of it down. They ran it out of oil and the bearing in the connecting rod to crank siezed. I gotta see if I can find new parts. Not sure the extent of the damage yet though. I haven't got the crank out yet. I was also surprised how good condition everything is except for the siezed bearing. I'm hoping I can afford to fix it but if not I'm gonna convert it to a side by side home-made golf cart and find another shaft drive water-cooled 500cc or so. That's a really sweet looking 220 you go
  13. So, on the honda shadow project, I think I finally came up with a way to frame things up. My first focus will be on the rear end for now. Ive gotta be able to attach the utv axle to the bike frame. So Im basically gonna use the same design as kawasaki used on my bayou 220. Ill be adding to the frame to make rear control arm mounts and relocate shock mounts.  The drive shaft is already fitted, it just needs to be welded once I have the control arms assembly and shocks installed. I dont foresee any major issues at this time, unless I have a problem with drive line angles. I have to have 2 joints (one is U joint and other is CV) because the pinion doesnt line up directly with the transmission output shaft while the axle assembly is centered with the bike. Later, ill be able figure out which design to use for my front suspension, eventually converting the new trike into a quad and on its way to become a 2 seater side by side. 






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  14. Well Michael, thats not going to do anything but piss people off. lol, Just browse the forum and make a few comments, maybe start a post and introduce yourself, let us know what youre working on and how its going.
  15. Im new also, have a safe and Happy New Year!!

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