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  1. air1elle

    I'm tellin' ya .. there was a fish in that mud hole THIS BIG!
  2. air1elle

    Mels 9-16-06-1

    Let's just wait here and see if he makes it thru that mud before we go!
  3. air1elle

    Mels 9-16-06-2

    Uhhhhhhhh .. can you come and pick me up, Good Buddy?
  4. air1elle

    Mels 9-16-06-3

    Oh, dang! I think I lost my keys!
  5. air1elle

    Mels 9-16-06-4

    We could use some of that water where I live! .. it's been so dry where I live that the dirt has dust on it!
  6. air1elle

    You got it going, girlfriend .. now just GO GET DIRTY! .. LOL!
  7. air1elle

    The caption for this picture could read, "Uh, guys .. I think I left the ________ at home."
  8. air1elle

    Now, there's a happy place!!!
  9. air1elle

    Oh, Gosh! Nothing but sand for miles!!!!
  10. air1elle

    Midday Blues

    This pic reminds me of Evarts KY!
  11. air1elle


    OOPS! .. not a happy place to be!
  12. Hey! Good Morning to you all! .. and thanks for the Birthday wishes this morning .. I plan on having a dinner out with my better half and bringing home the leftover steak to my doggie pals.
  13. I enjoy their company more than I do some people's company .. LOL!
  14. She is quite good looking, I agree .. she's the kind of dog that a stranger doesn't mess with, though.
  15. air1elle

    Muddin' in VA

    .. smiles!!!! .. LOL! Yes, I seem to be always smiling when we ride the 4 wheelers!

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