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    Affordable entry level 250

    On ebaymotors there is a bunch of 200cc atvs for $199 shipping plus the starting bid of $799. I don't see any for $200.
  2. chopper400ex

    buy from

    What do you sell. I live in the twin cities. Looks like you have a Hudson area phone number.
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    Jayriot. Do you work for scooter factory?
  4. chopper400ex


    Have you received your quad? Can you post a review of your new quad?
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    What do you think?

    When Kazuma first came out they were the talk of the chinese imports. Now they haven't change anything on the atvs. Some other brands have pasted them and made some good upgrades. They have made softer shocks, lower seat hight to make them more stable. The 50 however is a bullet proof starter quad, and the price is pretty good.
  9. chopper400ex

    Test the waters

    I haven't seen any posts on Chinese quads in here. I just test rode a prototype for Jetmoto it's there new 200cc and 250cc. They are pretty sweet for a low priced atv. I have tested the 200's from the first one they brought over to this one that there is only a couple in the states. I just wanted to see if your was any opinions on the Chinese machines.
  10. chopper400ex

    Where is the ATV market headed?

    Hey muudin chick. Mn is cracking down on the wheeling spots. They already have a limit on the cc and width of the machines. Anything over I think 800cc or 50" wide (my 416ex is 49 3/4") is not considered an atv its an ohv.