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  1. Stoopdibot, I will let you know when I get a solid date. The trip is put on by the owner of Jetmoto, and most of his dealer show up for it. He tries to pick a date that works for as many as possible. It could be a little while before its finalized. The more the marrier! MWKE, Sorry to hear about your dad. My prayers go out to him. As for the motor we will always have something here that will work for you.
  2. Looks like the Pismo trip has been move to September. I will keep you posted.
  3. By spooning you mean riding with paddles, right? I will let you know as soon as I find out the dates. There is always enough food, and campers with extra beds.
  4. I should be able to get you some good prices on a 110 and wiring. Electric start and revo would be pretty b*tchin on an atc 70. I have one here that I sold the front fenders and handle bars off of. I should be here all day Friday. We are doing the Pismo thing again this year. No date yet, but middle of June is around the time. If you are interested I'll keep you posted.
  5. I have more atvs then atcs at this time. Atv or two for sale if anybody is interested. The trikes I have right now are 79 110, 85 200x, 85 350x, and 86 250r. Would be willing to sell the 110 also. I want to get an 82 110 cuz that's what I grew up on.
  6. Hey MWKE! It's been a long time since I have been to this site. I got your message. I have a bunch of different motors for ya. What are you looking for? I have 90cc autos, 110 autos, 125 pitbike manual clutch, 110 semi-auto w/revo. They are all Honda copies, and are very dependable engines. Oh yeah sweet little purchase. Reminds me of the 200x in great shape I got for $100. All it needed was a head pipe. $18 on ebay!
  7. You are right there are a ton of other companies out there. You just need to do your research buying. Just remember there is probably a reason why they can sell so cheap. Check this out on best price atv. Video Player
  8. Crap I got a message from the answering service. It said Craig called about the trio. We called but we didn't leave a message. I didn't know what a trio was. Now I know they typed trip wrong. The 265 stayed in San Fran for the next trip. We camped right on the beach, so the sand was ok. It was so windy when we got there we had to wear our goggles walking around. It calmed down, and the rest of the weakend was great. We had 8 32 foot campers, and went through 400 cans of beer, Jim and I went through a bottle of Jag Sat. night. We both went through 5 gallons of 110 oct. that stuff is $66 for 5 gallons! ouch! We made it back to the drags a couple of times. Didn't do to bad. Shifting is way different in the sand then on hard pack, so once we figured that out we did pretty good.
  9. No knock off for me. I sell enough knock offs to own 4 name brand atvs. The 416ex was really fun in the dunes, but the 265r was kicked a$$. There was a group there that was not with us, and they had 4 Jetmotos. They had 2 250 trail bikes, and 2 250 sport atvs. None of the non-riders from this site were there.
  10. Hey MWKE. We shipped out the quads last Thursday. We are flying to San Fran Wednesday 6/20 and driving to Pismo Thursday midday. Hope to see someone from this site there.
  11. Yes and Yes, but Jetmoto is looking at different options for there 90 and 50. They are out of stock. We do have some other 90's that are imported by Jetmoto, they just don't have the Jetmoto name on them. They have the same warranty. Thanks Chopper 866-543-7823 Kid ATVs | Jetmoto | Kids ATV | Unison | 50cc Kazuma Parts | Mini Quad & Chinese ATV Parts | Cheap 50cc ATVs | Kids 4 Wheelers
  12. You can call your credit card company and do a charge back.
  13. I'm glad he treated you good. There are a lot of companies out there that don't care after the sale. Sunl is very hard to get parts and customer service. I checked out that site. $350 for shipping is really high plus $50 for Res. delivery. Our Jetmoto 110 is $995 shipped, total cost. Jetmoto has the best quality Chinese atvs, by far the best parts availability, and warranty. We get at least 6 calls a day from people looking for parts for other quads. http://kidatvs.com/
  14. Its not going to help the performance in any way. Its prolly not the best thing for the quad either. Dont waste your money on it.
  15. That does work. Its not as easy as it sounds though. If you ride in any rocky areas. Save your self a lot of money, and get some bead locks. My carbon fiber bead locks have saved me tons of money. And mounting tires on them is a breeze.

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