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  1. The military used to use the ones styled like the Gator back when I was in. If you look at their history, specially the airborne and special forces, they have used similar vehicles for quite the long time. So 4wheelers arent anything new to them.
  2. 29.5 Outlaw tires 3' XPATV Lift 1.5 Wheel Spacers HL Outlaw Clutch Kit Snorkeled Clutch and Airbox Twin Air filter Kimpex front and rear bumpers Warn 2.5ci Winch Custom Stereo (using Extreme Sounds box) HMF Exhaust (waiting on VDI to be released to install) C&S Rear Rack Rear Back Rest Custom Mudguards HL Gel grips and a few other things
  3. With my outlaw 29.5 im only running about 4psi all around. Rides alot smoother, and handles the mud and water alot better.
  4. Eastern TX has some very nice ATV parks. Up north near Jacksonville there is RuralShade, Alto, and Riverrun. Near Longview theres Alligator Park. Mudcreek is another great place to ride. Of course all these places suck if theres no rain and its dry. Down by Houston we have Bustin Loose ATV Park, Spring Creek (watch for the cops and tree huggers) and Crosby. Crosby has two places to park at, and is very fun. From mud, water to some very challenging mud holes we call the gauntlet. Seen some bikes get tore up there from people taking on more than they bargined for. General Sams is up by Huntsville, very nice park, but not so great when it hasnt rained out in awhile. All of these places have quite a few trails. Also, you just cant miss out on the MudFest or Mud Nationals....then theres the TX Redneck Games.....
  5. I just wear a tshirt, shorts and some watershoes during the summer. Then its jeans and shirt during the colder days. Sometimes break out the waders, specially when mudding is involved.
  6. The problem with the KQ is that unless you have it snorkeled and you play in the mud or water, you must drain the belt housing. The factory snorkels allow water or mud to get in from the rear, specially if you stop. If you play in the mud without the snorkels, you must take the clutch cover off and get the muck off the clutch. The drain is to the left of the foot brake underneth. Just pull that out, and allow it drain. While draining, press the gas, and rev it up while in neutral. You can drive around on dry ground while doing this, then once its done, put the drain plug back in. Seriously though, if your going to play in the water or mud, you best snorkel it. Its not that hard at all. If you need help snorkeling it, just let me know and I can get you going. So 27' tires arent causing the belt to slip, I ran 27 Mudlites for a yr, and before I snorkeled I would notice the belt slipping. I currently run 29.5 Outlaws, but I installed the HL Outlaw clutch kit.

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