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  1. Is that flex clear coat available ?
  2. Damn. That access is great - wide open, not going in thru out of reach service caps.
  3. Valve setting tool didn't fit my '05 Grizzly 660 - not enough clearance for the socket part into the access hole. The exhaust valves are not handy to get to either.
  4. Frank I would think it might affect friction, but since it is a wet clutch, probably no odor.I should heve thought of the rear brakes tho
  5. Thanks Frank I believe it was there before, but I'll back off the rear brakes and see what happens. How would an auto oil affect the Honda clutch ?
  6. I bought a 2003 Recon from a kid that beat it – all plastics cracked etc, When I replaced the rear brake the inside – axle, rear oil - were clean and in good shape, so I think Honda won the kid vs quad battle. It shifts a little clunky (I made the adjustment) and after riding for a while I get a hot friction material smell I wonder if he used the wrong oil and if any damage was done.
  7. there are a couple of inexpensive metric thread pitch and hole gauges out there
  8. Good writeup. I'd add that guitar strings are smaller than the torch tip cleaners. There is a video on ultrasonic cleaners that shows me some new tricks.
  9. Thanks Frank I found while starting to pull the buffer/balance drive gear that outer edge of the gear moved out far enough to get the chain by it without dumping all those lovely little springs. I had also removed the tensioner side chain guide. I stuffed the timing chain in, put the balance gear and plate back in place and done. Somewhere I found that that the old camshaft gear compression weights were just pressed in, and swapped them onto my new cam gear.
  10. Do I need to remove the balancer driven gear to remove the timing chain. If so, how? Thanks
  11. 06kfx440 Past that now- it did crank with the plug out. I pulled the valve cover. The cam gear is about a quarter turn out of time by the dimples when the timing mark is right on. I have ordered a cam gear and timing chain and am about to go into the stator, rotor and starter gear. New territory for me. Tahj
  12. I am looking to see why my 2005 Grizzly 660 won't crank. I have set the valves but suspect a loose timing chain. When working to remove the valve cover I found a "cap tensioner case" - parts #25 - #299 on Babbitts site. The cover seems to bridge the valve cover and the cylinder head. What the hell is it and what surprises will I find if I remove it? Uncharted territory for me.
  13. Thanks Frank Some engines have cam cover plates, but I think I have to pull the valve cover on this beast. Do you know if that would get into the water jacket? I['d like to avoid that.
  14. I bought a "project" Grizzly 660, I think it has been a few people's project. The PO had it for a while and did not have time to work on it. He said the battery was good, but I don't know how he knew because the display was blank, no lights and won't crank or run. I found a nest under the front cover, by the CVT inlet, a chewed thru wire and a few more without insulation. Rewired those from the connector (black 3 wire to the display) and replaced the fuse as suggested by a search from this site. That got the display working and power to other circuits. I replaced the aftermarket start switch with a used OEM switch from eBay. Then it would crank a little, and started once for a few seconds. I'm a small engine mechanic - mowers, snow blowers, etc. In my small engine work I have had a number of rider mowers that would crank about a half turn and then stop. The owners have suspected a bad battery and changed it with no improvement. Setting the valves to spec usually fixed this. I set the valves on the Grizzly without solving the crank problem. I wonder if the timing chain could be off - slipped a tooth. I don't know any way to check for this without pulling the head and looking at the timing marks on the cam gear. Is there another way to check for proper timing?

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