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  1. I do small engines - for jets and such pick up a set of guitar wires - cheap and smaller than tip cleaners Tahj
  2. Some Chinese are junk. As a mechanic, I started with a $100 E-Ton 150. after some work, it became a great first machine for me. I'm old and want a trail riding machine with off road (into the woods) ability. The Eton Yukon has a very dependable GY6 engine. Parts are easily available. Electrics are good and repairable if needed - I soaked and shorted a rotor. I found that it got me where I wanted to go, was light enough to lift off a hang-up on a log. It ran dependably for years until it started throwing the chain under load, that I couldn't solve (turned out the right side trailing axle arm fractured - slipped under load and popped right back into place afterwards - couldn't see it past the fat rear tire. After being frustrated solving the problem and no longer trusting it as my wheelchair for the woods, I bought a badly beaten (kids') Recon TRX 250 . They have good reputation and the 2WHD is all I need. I mastered plastic welding repairing all 4 busted fenders. I like it, it has more power, but I liked the CVT on the E-Ton. I modified the toe lift shift lever on the Recon, and will adjust the shift play After I welded the trailing arm on the Eton Yukon and put it back in service I picked up another E-Ton 150, that had broken BOTH rear arms and was loosely in two pieces. Both work well now I had picked up a TaoTao 110 for my grandson that was a complete piece of crap. Lousy wiring connectors that would break rather than disconnect. Constant intermittent electrical and fuel problems (corroding aluminum float needle) , and body plastic that was an absolute pain to remove. It did inspire my son in law to buy him a good Polaris, and then one for himself. My daughter liked my Recon so he bought her a CanAm. Now we all ride.
  3. Quadcarazy - that's a very useful subject - reviewing vendors
  4. Mark S The what???? tahj
  5. Frank No, I took it off to weld, needed to to get to the back side. Yeah,a welding path through, seals, bearings and such is not a good idea. Wished I had a pair of cheap vice grips to use, but all I had were the brand names.
  6. When hunting I carry my rifle in a Kolpin or Flambeau case. My old Kolpin case won't fit any of the current mounts - so I made my own for it. The newer Kolpin case mount for the gun boot IV - the loop bracket, carries way to high to suit me. A simple mod fits my Recon TRX250T, and puts the case down along side the footrest. A piece of bedframe angle iron about a foot long, brings the loop way down
  7. Hi I am old and arthritic, my ATV is my wheelchair for the woods. I was unable to lift the gearshift lever with my left toe so I converted it to a rocker - heel/toe lever - like my old '75 Honda CT 90 K. The pics show the donor Vise Grip jaw welded to an old shift lever ( bought a nice shiny new one just in case) and the bending necessary to bring it back behind the pivot far enough. I cut off the pipe heel lever to match the front one. Works well and there is no weight on the pivot - my foot still rests on the peg for stand-up riding and mounting.
  8. HI I've been using a Harbor Freight motorcycle lift for years doing rider mowers and such. I can get MOST of the tire on the lift as is, Quads are worse. I included my mod - an old 2 x 12 ramp with a cut made for the ramp side ridge and 1 1/2" pipe sections under the deck held on loosely with muffler clamps thru the existing holes in the deck. Not at all original - see Youtube mods. I only used one side wing and a leg to stabilize it. I'm old and cannot work on the ground any more. The Harbor Freight motorcycle lift is on sale for $400 and is worth it. There are a bunch of mods for it on Youtube
  9. Hi I had an Eton 150 - CVT drive. The variator weights let the clutch engage too quickly, before the engine could develop power. By changing the weights the clutch engages later and - no stall. I can't give credit to the source of the information that I found 'case I didn't save it. First things first.doc
  10. Looks like GY6 engine. It should have an engine number on the left side of the engine ans a VIN number somewhere on the front frame. What is the lever on the rear end? I don't see a oil cooler either (E-ton) Tahj

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