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  1. I agree. I started out with a beater Eton 150, because it was cheap. I'm a mechanic so I enjoyed learning about them (ended up with four that ran and 1 donor). I still run them - they have been dependable if low performance - my wheelchair for the woods. I bought a beater 125 TaoTao to fix for my grandson. Awful. Alternated between intermittant carburetor problems and intrmittant electrical problems. The wiring is poor with bullet connectors the come loose in place. The handle bars with switches and levers attached have to be removed and dangle to remove the front body panel and acess wiring. I ended cutting it off and laccing it back on with zipties. I now have a Honda Recon, that is fun to ride and its a Honda. I'll be looking for a 4x4 Honda for snow and difficult terrain. Tahj
  2. I do small engines - for jets and such pick up a set of guitar wires - cheap and smaller than tip cleaners Tahj
  3. Some Chinese are junk. As a mechanic, I started with a $100 E-Ton 150. after some work, it became a great first machine for me. I'm old and want a trail riding machine with off road (into the woods) ability. The Eton Yukon has a very dependable GY6 engine. Parts are easily available. Electrics are good and repairable if needed - I soaked and shorted a rotor. I found that it got me where I wanted to go, was light enough to lift off a hang-up on a log. It ran dependably for years until it started throwing the chain under load, that I couldn't solve (turned out the right side trailing axle arm fractured - slipped under load and popped right back into place afterwards - couldn't see it past the fat rear tire. After being frustrated solving the problem and no longer trusting it as my wheelchair for the woods, I bought a badly beaten (kids') Recon TRX 250 . They have good reputation and the 2WHD is all I need. I mastered plastic welding repairing all 4 busted fenders. I like it, it has more power, but I liked the CVT on the E-Ton. I modified the toe lift shift lever on the Recon, and will adjust the shift play After I welded the trailing arm on the Eton Yukon and put it back in service I picked up another E-Ton 150, that had broken BOTH rear arms and was loosely in two pieces. Both work well now I had picked up a TaoTao 110 for my grandson that was a complete piece of crap. Lousy wiring connectors that would break rather than disconnect. Constant intermittent electrical and fuel problems (corroding aluminum float needle) , and body plastic that was an absolute pain to remove. It did inspire my son in law to buy him a good Polaris, and then one for himself. My daughter liked my Recon so he bought her a CanAm. Now we all ride.
  4. Quadcarazy - that's a very useful subject - reviewing vendors
  5. Mark S The what???? tahj
  6. Frank No, I took it off to weld, needed to to get to the back side. Yeah,a welding path through, seals, bearings and such is not a good idea. Wished I had a pair of cheap vice grips to use, but all I had were the brand names.
  7. When hunting I carry my rifle in a Kolpin or Flambeau case. My old Kolpin case won't fit any of the current mounts - so I made my own for it. The newer Kolpin case mount for the gun boot IV - the loop bracket, carries way to high to suit me. A simple mod fits my Recon TRX250T, and puts the case down along side the footrest. A piece of bedframe angle iron about a foot long, brings the loop way down
  8. Hi I am old and arthritic, my ATV is my wheelchair for the woods. I was unable to lift the gearshift lever with my left toe so I converted it to a rocker - heel/toe lever - like my old '75 Honda CT 90 K. The pics show the donor Vise Grip jaw welded to an old shift lever ( bought a nice shiny new one just in case) and the bending necessary to bring it back behind the pivot far enough. I cut off the pipe heel lever to match the front one. Works well and there is no weight on the pivot - my foot still rests on the peg for stand-up riding and mounting.
  9. HI I've been using a Harbor Freight motorcycle lift for years doing rider mowers and such. I can get MOST of the tire on the lift as is, Quads are worse. I included my mod - an old 2 x 12 ramp with a cut made for the ramp side ridge and 1 1/2" pipe sections under the deck held on loosely with muffler clamps thru the existing holes in the deck. Not at all original - see Youtube mods. I only used one side wing and a leg to stabilize it. I'm old and cannot work on the ground any more. The Harbor Freight motorcycle lift is on sale for $400 and is worth it. There are a bunch of mods for it on Youtube
  10. Hi I had an Eton 150 - CVT drive. The variator weights let the clutch engage too quickly, before the engine could develop power. By changing the weights the clutch engages later and - no stall. I can't give credit to the source of the information that I found 'case I didn't save it. First things first.doc
  11. Looks like GY6 engine. It should have an engine number on the left side of the engine ans a VIN number somewhere on the front frame. What is the lever on the rear end? I don't see a oil cooler either (E-ton) Tahj

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