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  1. I bought a 2003 Recon from a kid that beat it – all plastics cracked etc, When I replaced the rear brake the inside – axle, rear oil - were clean and in good shape, so I think Honda won the kid vs quad battle. It shifts a little clunky (I made the adjustment) and after riding for a while I get a hot friction material smell I wonder if he used the wrong oil and if any damage was done.
  2. there are a couple of inexpensive metric thread pitch and hole gauges out there
  3. Good writeup. I'd add that guitar strings are smaller than the torch tip cleaners. There is a video on ultrasonic cleaners that shows me some new tricks.
  4. Thanks Frank I found while starting to pull the buffer/balance drive gear that outer edge of the gear moved out far enough to get the chain by it without dumping all those lovely little springs. I had also removed the tensioner side chain guide. I stuffed the timing chain in, put the balance gear and plate back in place and done. Somewhere I found that that the old camshaft gear compression weights were just pressed in, and swapped them onto my new cam gear.
  5. Do I need to remove the balancer driven gear to remove the timing chain. If so, how? Thanks
  6. 06kfx440 Past that now- it did crank with the plug out. I pulled the valve cover. The cam gear is about a quarter turn out of time by the dimples when the timing mark is right on. I have ordered a cam gear and timing chain and am about to go into the stator, rotor and starter gear. New territory for me. Tahj
  7. I am looking to see why my 2005 Grizzly 660 won't crank. I have set the valves but suspect a loose timing chain. When working to remove the valve cover I found a "cap tensioner case" - parts #25 - #299 on Babbitts site. The cover seems to bridge the valve cover and the cylinder head. What the hell is it and what surprises will I find if I remove it? Uncharted territory for me.
  8. Thanks Frank Some engines have cam cover plates, but I think I have to pull the valve cover on this beast. Do you know if that would get into the water jacket? I['d like to avoid that.
  9. I bought a "project" Grizzly 660, I think it has been a few people's project. The PO had it for a while and did not have time to work on it. He said the battery was good, but I don't know how he knew because the display was blank, no lights and won't crank or run. I found a nest under the front cover, by the CVT inlet, a chewed thru wire and a few more without insulation. Rewired those from the connector (black 3 wire to the display) and replaced the fuse as suggested by a search from this site. That got the display working and power to other circuits. I replaced the aftermarket start switch with a used OEM switch from eBay. Then it would crank a little, and started once for a few seconds. I'm a small engine mechanic - mowers, snow blowers, etc. In my small engine work I have had a number of rider mowers that would crank about a half turn and then stop. The owners have suspected a bad battery and changed it with no improvement. Setting the valves to spec usually fixed this. I set the valves on the Grizzly without solving the crank problem. I wonder if the timing chain could be off - slipped a tooth. I don't know any way to check for this without pulling the head and looking at the timing marks on the cam gear. Is there another way to check for proper timing?
  10. I found this item for my 05 Grizzly 660 on Amazon: Guide, Cable 1UY-14155-00-00
  11. I lost the brass throttle cable end I can't find on cable or carb drawings help
  12. Tahj


  13. I have an 05 Grizzly. The inlet air to the CV drive is under that black cover (full of leaves -mouse nest?) I don't see any cover in any parts lists, but I plan to put a cooking strainer over it in my rebuild.
  14. I agree. I started out with a beater Eton 150, because it was cheap. I'm a mechanic so I enjoyed learning about them (ended up with four that ran and 1 donor). I still run them - they have been dependable if low performance - my wheelchair for the woods. I bought a beater 125 TaoTao to fix for my grandson. Awful. Alternated between intermittant carburetor problems and intrmittant electrical problems. The wiring is poor with bullet connectors the come loose in place. The handle bars with switches and levers attached have to be removed and dangle to remove the front body panel and acess wiring. I ended cutting it off and laccing it back on with zipties. I now have a Honda Recon, that is fun to ride and its a Honda. I'll be looking for a 4x4 Honda for snow and difficult terrain. Tahj
  15. I do small engines - for jets and such pick up a set of guitar wires - cheap and smaller than tip cleaners Tahj

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