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  1. Don't feel bad alot of people are laid off right know I'm laid off for 45-60 days with some pay thank the good lord for that. Hope you have a speedy recovery,did u have a helment on when u crashed?
  2. 1985 honda 110 can't stop one even if you drain the oil and forget to put new oil in.roll it down a hill or sink it in a pond.Man I had fun as a kid on that 110. LONG LIVE THE 110 HONDA
  3. For the money you want to spend go with a 400ex maybe a 2006-2007 you could buy a nice one for around 3,000 the 450's are high mantainance the 400ex is bullet proof.If you do go with a yfz get a newer one stay away from the 04-05's trust me you will have big trouble
  4. To break in a yfz motor u only need to seet the pistion rings this takes a couple of hours of riding remember this motor is not a quad motors it is a race engine.And u have to treat it like one.When u get a brand new yfz I bet half of u broke it in wrong u ride it like u stole it to break it in then shut it down and cool it all the way down then do it agin. I wan't every one of u to keep a stop watch with u when u go ride and log the time u are actually running the motor 20 hours is alot of riding and be honest with me when u report back I bet 20 hours is all most all season.I would not be saying this if it was not true I'll be laughing here in a year or two when your motors start to fail because u don't do the proper mantance on the yfz.
  5. If u don't change the rings every 30 hours which is a season of riding u loose power I bet my newly ringed o4 will smoke that wore out yfz I bet he is running on half the power it should be. I would like to hook up a compression gage and see what it reads. Bet it says wore out! I would like every one to go get the facts so u quit giving out false info to people.And that's no bs.Yfz central is a good site but they are not engine builders like the people that I know we have seen a lot of yfz and I will bet that we have gained more info than some kid who goes to yfz central and asked a ? about yfz's. We know how many hours to put on a pistion because we have tore down a yfz at 30 hours and we have tore down a yfz with 60 hours the wear is bad real bad usually bad enough u need to have the jug recromed that means more money than just putting rings on it or do u like to spend money that u don't need to.At 30 hours u put new rings on the piston and put the jug back on unless u do alot of miss shifting then u have to replace the pistion to so remember every time u miss a gear it scares the pistion and cylinder wall.Also yamaha has just released some info on the yfz that I know u guys do not have yet U ARE TO RUN A QUART AND A HALF OF OIL instead of two quarts. And on the yfz CHANGE THE OIL EVERY TIME U GET DONE RIDING IT SOUNDS CRAZY WELL IT'S NOT. This info is coming straight from JSR Performance motor builder. It is making the motors last a little longer since u change the oil every ride no reason to buy high $ oil motor builders say to run castrol gtx.
  6. u mean either an 05 or a 06? Need to look at getting an o6 or newer or it will be trouble if u don't.The motors DON'T LAST YEARS At most 3 seasons before u need a new top end depending on your riding style and were u ride if its in the sand every other season.What I mean by top end is new rings, piston and valves. Valves alone are 300.00-550.00$ If u want a bullet proof quad get a 400 ex my cousin just got one new for 4,800 out the door at coffey county honda in kansas.
  7. the 05 crank is weak 06 they changed the crank to stronger one
  8. guy must not like to see kids having fun just keep riding it as is and tell your pop's the dude next door is giving u a hard time let him deal with it!
  9. Not to complicated 5 valves 2 over head cams the jug can't be bored crank goes in just the same as any other crank water cooled just a hole lot more money to fix
  10. I did not say piston and rings I said new rings on the piston and 30-40 hours of racing is alot. One moto only last 10-15 min. How do you know how many miles you raced never have I seen a odometer on a race bike nor a dirt bike. Raced for 13 years in proam on a kx 80 and 125's my dad was all the time putting on new pistons and rings about 2 times a season.2000 miles on one motor is insane I must have been riding to hard but that is what it takes to win!!!! By the way were do u race in colorado like to check out some local tracks.
  11. JSR performance John Stallworth is the owner he is out of wichita kansas if u would like to talk to him about hours on the YFZ he would be glad to talk to u his number is 316-733-1936. He knows what he is talking about when it comes to quads very well known motor builder. he builds alot of the drag bikes that run at the little sahra in oklahoma.He works on the trx-450 and ltr450- suzuki along with all bikes.Has a big add in dirt wheels look on page 164 had my motor built by him and running strong he is not over priced about 1600.00 to do a bottom to top rebuild.
  12. yes I have had major trouble with my yfz spun the crank and took out the valves cost 1650.00 to fix but would not trade it for nothing now it has a jsr performace motor pretty solid.
  13. Just wanted to say hi, new to the site been enjoying all the pics and vids. Been riding for about 25 yr. but it never gets old. So glad to see so many other riders out there.

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