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  1. Well his day was going good, untill he got covered in human waste... haha
  2. I'm on Spring Break now and went out riding yesterday. Had a great time. Hadn't rode in a while.
  3. This may be a stupid question but just wondered? Did three wheelers bought brand new come with titles? Thanks
  4. Well my trike is a 1984 Honda Big Red. The rear has a small chunk of plastic out of the side. All the rubber is good. The front fender is cracked. I guess if they are already cracked or pieces are missing pieces then it's probably not worth putting new ones on? Thanks for all the input.
  5. So let me make sure I understand this right... I shouldn't try to get a new title for it untill I am 16 because I am illeigl to ride it at age 14? But when I turn sixteen try to get the new title? Is that what you were saying? Just making sure. Thanks for all the input by the way.
  6. Facebook is just like a myspace if you know what that is. Its a place to post things about you and pictures. You can add friends that you know put info about you. Post things as well. Go sign up. It's free. Give it a try.
  7. Yeah there pretty bad. I like them though because there about 1 minute from my house. So I can jump on my three wheeler and my neighbor can jump on his and we can go riding for an hour or so and we can go whenever we want. Where the next closest trails are about a half hour each way. I like the trails close to home.
  8. Yeah I know your not saying to. But right now, I just ride on private property so I should be set. But if I take it to public trails what should i do?
  9. Haha nevermind. I can see your four wheeler in your picture.
  10. No we don't have them on the trails. We have vines with like big pickers. Man they hurt. I usually come back with a new hole in my jacket. We run to a lot of trees down. Some are dead and we can cut up or just pull out of the way. Others have been there for a while so we stack branches on each side to get more traction.
  11. Welcome. What kind of machine do you have?
  12. Ok well I pass most of those. When I bought the three wheeler, I didn't come with a title. Should I try to get one reissued? Can you get one reissued? And what would you say...just ride it and be careful since I am under 16?

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