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  1. Havent looked at it yet, but thinkin of buying it. Hell of a steal anyways. Its a couple hour drive away.
  2. I found a project 84 250r. Frame has been powder coated, and the motor has been rebuilt to a 330cc, and the rest of the parts are in boxes. Only thing it needs is front forks which i have a nice set laying in the garage. The guy wants $350. Was wondering how well the 330 big bore would hold up on the air cooled motor?? If i were to buy this project trike, id be basically be paying for the engine overhaul. thanks
  3. yeah just need to be more prepared when i go riding, i get in a rush to leave and forget the proper attire. As far as my neck its healing well. I have an appointment to see the neurosurgeon on the 18th to see how everything is healing. thanks all for wishing me the best of recovery....
  4. Was wondering where i could purchase a good exhaust for my 86 250r???
  5. Every things feeling and looking good so far, necks really sore in the morning when i get up. And NO i wasn't wearing a helmet. That was 1 thing that i forgot to grab before we went riding. But any ways i guess it could of been a hell of a lot worse. Could of split my head on a rock or something.
  6. So 2 weeks ago sunday i had a accident on my 86' atc250r. Hit a water hole wen i was riding the trails in six gear , i went over handle bars and landed 6 feet ahead of the trike. <Trike ended up in some pine trees some what screw up. Only minor damage to radiator, shroud, front fender, and shifter shif lever. i fractured 3 vertbras in my neck. Kinda lucky. Im not paralyzed or dead, as DOC put it. Got 4-6 weeks off work, and found out that as uv next monday im laid off for 30 days. (:>(::::::::::::
  7. Took trike up north on the trails this weekend. She is super fast. Thinking of getting rid of the air cooled 250r.
  8. so far i have 84' 200x, 84 250r, that needs top end work dun, 86 250r, picked up to day, < hells yeah>. 04 ds 650 baja x, that also needs top end.
  9. picked the trike up today. it is in awesome shape. bearings, seals, were all replaced, levers and maier rear fender, and after market grab bar also. Runs on high octane fuel, round 105 believe. He said he was wasting 350 banshee modded out. will try to get pics on here soon. been haven probs. putting pictures on the net.
  10. thanks. had my buddie that owns a atv business order up all new gaskets. hope that will cure problem.
  11. have a buddy [email protected] says that fuel isnt the same as back in the day when the trikes where the thing..
  12. WOW good 1. thought it was my computer @ 1st. gess im an idiot......
  13. had 1 uv my buddies say it wast running off lower half uv motor and it was running off uv crank case oil.... Make sense?? it was smokin like an s.o.b..

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