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  1. hello. i'm opening this topic to show you a work from a friend. he makes custom graphics kits. i've ben away for a while so sorry. we are now selling them for 185$ to us or to europe 150eur already with shipping costs. design, printing and shipping 185$. anything you to put in the graphic, drwas, messages, logos, etc etc etc here are some of his works
  2. i said we because i'm helping the designer to promote his site. he done a kit for my z400 and next week i will post some pictures of it
  3. we can do that. if you want of corse. but the price is other
  4. no. they send the graphic kit in vectorial files of corel, you just have to take them to a printing company
  5. yeah yeah, you can do all, like bringing peace to the world. lol. if you can design this things yourself you are telling that you pay more that 100$ just for the printing right?!lolol
  6. hello ppl check out this new graphics. They make personalized graphic kits with the elements you want. when you ask them for a kit, once the job is done they will sent you the kit in vectorial file so you just have to take them to a printing company so print them. I think the price is fine to a personalized kit. is the near past there are only those graphic kits that everyone has so a personalized option is great. You can choose colors, sponsors...etc etc etc check out some of their works. you can check updates at ATV Graphics New jobs in progress Work in progress for LTR work in progress for YFZ450

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