Why Atvs are Better than Men

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An ATV can go for more than one ride in an hour.

ATV's never develop spare tires.

ATV's don't get you pregnant.

An ATV doesn't care what time of month it is.

ATV's don't have parents.

Your ATV will let you know if something is wrong.

Your ATV won't judge your friends.

If your ATV is boisterous, you can buy a muffler.

If your ATV smokes you can do something about it.

ATV's don't care about how many other ATVs you have ridden.

When riding, you and your ATV both arrive at the same time.

One ATV will satisfy you every time.

If your ATV has high mileage, you can just get a new one.

ATVs don't care about breast size.

If your ATV is too soft you can get new shocks.

You don't have to drink beer before your ATV looks appealing.

You can be proud of your ATV regardless of the model.

You can ride a ATV as long as you want and it won't get limp.

ATVs always feel like going for a ride when you do.

ATVs don't insult you if you are a novice.

Your ATV never wants a night out alone with the other ATVs.

ATVs don't make you late.

You don't have to primp before riding your ATV.

Your ATV won't complain when you use protection.

If your ATV doesn't look good, you can paint it or get better parts.

Your ATV won't care if you fake it.

ATVs are always ready to stop when you are.

Your ATV has a built in vibrator.

Your ATV doesn't care how heavy you are.

Your ATV won't shrink when it's cold.

If your ATV can't fire up, you can just replace the battery.

You don't have to cook for your ATV.

Your ATV can't ride around behind your back.

If your ATV is cold you can choke it.

You only have to ride your ATV when you want to.

Your ATV won't go for rides by itself.

ATVs don't snore.

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