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  2. IM NOT A PRICK. LOL I just ride for fun. I have to say yes I do love mine and yes they are expensive.
  3. everything is about the same as John in vegas, so all is good here too
  4. Yeah I had that too. I hope all goes well for you tho.
  5. yeah knee surgery in Dec. 2008. I had really screwed up my knee in a roll over wreck. I had torn ACL, MCL, fractured both bones below the knee, fractured knee cap. I had to get ACL replaced with a donor one. Therapy was a little rough. All in all tho it was good. Recovery takes awhile and agravating at times but you learn to cope.
  6. well MWKE... thanks for all that u have done. My cousin is a Firefighter too(in Illinois) and yes it sometimes seems noone is thankful for what is done.
  7. welcome to the site, glad ur here
  8. Hang in there and things hopefully will turn out for the best and you and your family will be safe.
  9. welcome, and yes girls love to ride and i'm glad ur back to the riding again. Finally after almost a year I will get to ride again. I finally got the knee almost back to normal after the wreck. Heheheh I can't wait till Saturday.
  10. I don't get snow like this either, and well I can't even ride for another2 months anyways, but if I see anyone else I will sure grab a photo

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