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  1. Well yesterday we had the last Palmer's Mud Bash for this year, and turned out ok. Well better for me =D Well yesterday me, and my dad left about 6am from home, and got there about 7:30-ish I think. Since it rained thursday, and friday it was really muddy that day. So had a nice coat of mud on the ATV,me, and a lucky guy asked for a ride LOL... Worked at the front gates mostly all day besides goofing off for few breaks since they werent doing anything at the front gates so took some pictures, and after I took these I wished I took some better close up pictures on some. . Few other mud run thread's Palmer's Farm Mud Bash *8-01-09* KC's Evo2 Place Palmer's Farm Mud Bash *4-04-09* KC's Evo2 Place Palmer's Farm Mud Bash *10-11-08* KC's Evo2 Place . Ahh nice coat of mud after lunch. Was the most muddy ATV there. Ok tell me whats missing on this truck lol.. When they pulled up today. I couldnt help but laugh . I didnt noticed it until I was marking the front window, and was going to check if they got a cooler in back. Here they was doing 50/50, and giving away few stuff on top of that tractor lol.... Giving away a car radio,shirts,hats,stickers, and some other stuff. I find this kind funny because where the ford is sitting is where it got stuck at lol...
  2. Well just dropping by, and see how you guys been up to. I still got my ATV, and still drive it every now, and then. But mostly stopping by, and see how you guys been. Anything new I might need to check out? Like on this site, and anyother site? Well have to update my 3D models thread on here. Because I've done a lot since then. >>>>>>>>4x4 Evo Info<<<<<<<< .
  3. I just find this werid. I got a 2001 400 Polaris Xplorer, and only had to take it to the shop 7 times since we bought it in 2002. Well my store here in Missouri has listened with everything we said. Even the last time they even let us stay in the workshop showing us what their doing because only problems we had was the starter. and the rest was mostly some tune up's If I remember all we really had problems with was the starter 3 times. They are to proud of their starters tho. Was about $600 without even getting it installed! For about 9 months now, and havent had no problems yet, and this year was the worst I put it threw. I'm just amazed because when we first got it not even 3 weeks we had it I rolled it going about 25mph (Maybe more because it was going full throttle) the atv rolled 4 times, and 2 times over my body (Also knocking off my helmet), and walked away from it. Reason why I'm saying about this is. There was nothing wrong to it besides a bent handle bars which we bent it back, and drove it back to the truck. Would atleast thought it was totaled when I got off the ground but it was just sitting on its tires still running.
  4. Wow been forever since I've been here lol!... Here's mine I sortof redid. DJLime's ATV Page » QUADCRAZY ATV Community .
  5. Well this month we didn't do so well at the mud bash again. Sure not bad crowd but still went into the red in this mud run. Because they didnt have the radio station come in. Because everytime they have the radio station out a lot of people shows up. Had Palmer's mud bash shirts again in different colors Orange,Pink, and Dark Green. Also have 2 different kinda of Hat's now this month. (Same camo 1 , and a black 1 with white/red flames) Also got rear stickers for your windows. . Left the house about 6:00-6:30am again because we forgot to fill up the atv before we left, and got to the perryville exit about 7:30-ish to eat at McDonalds there, and had to do another 20-30minutes of backroads to the house. So got there about 8:20am. People already was there, and people started showing up when we pulled in. But overall pretty quite crowd besides that 1 red chevy with the loud exhaust I swear he was never going to stop driving that truck. Everyone wished that truck blew its motor already with that high pitch noise. Also meet smurfblue3 on quadcrazy also. Did I mention I also had to push his atv back to his truck lol. . Click the picture to see it bigger The biggest truck there. This guy was trying to drive into the mud pit in reverse but you see how far that took him lol. Finally got the atv alittle more dirty than last time atleast but it was a lot more dusty eariler that made a nice tan coat. OOPS! Just some random pictures .... ....
  6. lol ya i'm going to be there. just havent checked this site in awhile so ya... Going to try, and get there at 8am. So I'll be working at the gates, and if you see a atv smoking in the back mud pits it isnt me LOL...
  7. Well this month we didn't do so well at the mud bash. We bearly made it out of the red in profit's. Couldn't afford a radio station to come out but they did advertise on the radio. (It would of been $2400 to come out there for a boardcast, Than $350 to advertise on radio) Had Palmer's mud bash shirts in different colors Orange,Pink, and Dark Green. Also got Hat's this month. ( talked about it in last Palmer's mud bash topic. ) . Left the house about 6:00-6:30am, and got to the perryville exit about 7:30-ish to eat at McDonalds there, and had to do another 20-30minutes of backroads to the house. So got there about 8:30am and was 2nd people there. People started showing up at 9am. Also since the crowd was so small this month people started leaving around 3pm, and was cleared out by 7pm. So the employees had there own little party, and didn't leave till midnight, and didn't get home till 2am. To smurfblue3: I know you was there because I marked your red suburban. I didn't know which person was you. You hauling your dodge or the suburban so I didn't ask but I should of did because I was mostly busy the rest of the day. So next time if you see a guy marking trucks tell me what your be driving next time before you go. Nice parking!!! Well girls, and the boys had a chance to win prizes in this muddy event. Someone throws in the football, and the first person with it on the way back get a prize. This was a picture before I almost had it stuck in 1 of the holes in the back. Somehow 4wheeldrive didnt kick in till the front tires touch the dirt.
  8. Well few hours left. Man.. Have to get up at 6am then drive for about over hour to perryville exit. Eat at Mcdonald's there then another 20-30mins of backroads to there... Sigh... Hope to get there about 8am. Forgot what time do we open to let people in tho.
  9. Yes we are!! Just got to load up the ATV tommorow on dad's truck, then have to leave the house around 6am to get their. .
  10. Thanks guys! The word (How) can go a long way. Because you need to know what your doing, with a lot of patience to do this. . As for the school thing. I didn't go to school for this. I taught myself. Took over year, and a half to get this good. . Yes it can be for gaming or for promotions for sites/etc Well this can be done a lot of different ways. I love to make my own stuff. I rarely ask for parts now days anymore since I've got better with my modeling skills. Mostly build my stuff from the ground up at times. I'm picky at times how this part or that part sticks out so I might have to redo it atleast 2-3 times to get it right LoL. . I got a project I've been working on today which really surprises me. Because why in the world I'm making this. I'll show you the pictures when I get done with alittle more of it. Since it isn't picture worth yet, and you guys wouldn't know what it is. You maybe still won't know what it is even if its done LoL . .
  11. Wow!! atleast everyone is safe. Also I guess I'll keep a look out on a red suburban. I bet your mostly going to only 1's sticking out there unless that lime green blazer shows up again. .
  12. Well I haven't posted anything in this thread in forever. The past few months I wasn't in the mood till few days ago. I had about 10 projects I hardly finish, and was close to being finished. I'll only show acomple that's worthy of showing. I have them all sized to 320x240 so the pictures arent so big. . This is the only picture I have of near the finish product now days. I found this model of a 2009 Chevy Silverado 3500HD. This truck was so high detail my old computer couldn't stand it. It had to go on a big diet of stuff but still keeping the shape of the truck. I turned it into a 1500.I made the wheel's, and friend of mine made the offroad stuff (besides bushguard) since I was to lazy. . Here's a replica of my 2003 GMC sonoma SLS. I can mostly said I made the hole darn thing. But only little bits, and pieces is whats left of a 2000 Chevy S10 2 door shortbed. . For this 1 my friend gave me his 1987 chevy s10 (stock truck) he was working on, and I think I did a bit overboard on it. 1 of my most detailed trucks I've made. To much to list. Mostly only thing that isn't mine is part of the rear bed,tires (not the rims), and part V6 motor/trans. . These last 1's from here are my newest cars I worked on this week. Was going to make this Ford excort corworth into a racecar. Not bad so far. Added tires,new gauges,new rollcage, and new seats. . Haven't really did anything to this besides texture is or what was call is mapping it. Nissan 370Z . Had to make new headlights, and new rims for this Audi R8. Because the 1's that came with it looked like poop.
  13. Yes it is! 2 more weeks! and we are locked and loaded to plow thru that mud!. I might try my luck with the biggest hole there for giggles.. I think I might be pushing it this year How was that bad storm near your house about 2 weeks ago? Because me, and my dad was there on saturday to help them clean up the trees there at johneys, and tree's we everywhere! Trees were all on the side of the roads going there, trees were ripped out of the ground, barns were down, parts of homes were destoryed. Like a freaking hurricane hit, and were in the middle of US! Also wanted to bring this to you. I heard on saturday. There will be ATV's, and Trucks. But for clothes we got hats to sell now! I heard $10 a piece. Not bad camo hat with their name on it. To bad the lighting in the kitchen was a bit bright.
  14. It would be alright if he took them. But he doesn't live in that white farm house next to the road anymore. (He gave that to his step-son). He lives in that trailer next to that bull or cow shed (forgot if he had a bull or a cow). Or lets say that trailer to your right when you pay at the front gates. (That new-ish trailer.) .
  15. Well we was really trying to cut down on the 4wheelers because these kids just dont listen. (Even tho 4wheelers was mostly the profit of paying off the radio station). They wasnt listening for speeding thru the main road, cutting thru the front gates (when trucks are coming the other way), speeding thru the parking lots, poping wheelies in front of people, popping wheelies in the car parking lot (at full speed). So there might be a new rule for 4wheeler riders for June. So just a warning if something happens if there is (no 4wheeler allow rule) But I don't see that happening with johney. Even tho they did all this stuff.. . Edit i forgot to do this till now. The staff shirts me, and my dad got.

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