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  1. hey gottta clean the carb out on the honda i'll post some 4 wheeler pics they took last time, how is it going for the oct 10th? BF still coming? also got the new motor for the "short bus"...
  2. yeah yeah I can't help it the ol honda didn't want to run...... next mud run you gotta hop in the short bus with me!!!! don't know if the honda will be smoking next time or not got a new motor just got to get it on...
  3. saturday!!!! hey I will be pullling the red suburban this time I'm going to drop off my ramcharger friday... hey I'm bringing my honda trx 200 going to burry it in the mudd!!!
  4. yeah djlime I asked if you was there (didn't know your real name) so I asked is dj there and the pregnet girl (farrons girlfriend?) said you wasn't there? I was driving the white chevy with the dodge on it the guy that helped me bring my suburban did't measure the trailer I had the burb all loaded had to unload it and put it on the smaller trailer...as far as themud pits go it was better the first time... was you the one smokeing the belt on your 4-wheeler in the back??? any way here is a couple of shots of my two trucks in the mud... hopefully next time I'll have 3 out there... oh did you see my yamoto 4-wheeler?
  5. 2 day's dj lime are you ready!!!! I am just got to figure on how to get 2 truck there!!
  6. lets see my barn has no roof my small shed has the doors tore up one shed is just gone... 90% of my woods is gone roof on house is pulled up... my pulling suburban(little one) got smashed.. my neighbores roof was in my yard in 3 differnt places took me 9 days to get power... neihbor 14 days ...but nobody was hurt the main thing... I am sooooooooooo ready for this mud bash..... try this link http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3181829
  7. hey JDLIME 2 more weeks and mud run time!!!!! I got 2 ready!!! hey what radio station was there last time I want to see some of there pics....my guy is coming to take action pics of me in the mud.. and others I'm ready oh boy the way my burb ain't brown no more...
  8. hey I do have a question I've got a buddy that does weddings/sports/nature pics (has the fancy camera and stuff) do you think your uncle will care if he comes by on the 13th? we would get pics back a lot sooner... your uncle live in that house right ... I use to work down the road at henschel...
  9. yeah a few of them need to settle down... guess you may have to do the ol one warning your out!...I like have one there cause I'm to lazy to walk back to the other truck.. just give me a heads up on the new 4 wheeler rule (if there is one ) I was trying to get some more kids to come with me
  10. that grey dodge I was behind them they are my neighbors they have begged me to go for a year... we are putting together (or repairing) about 5 more trucks... for the next one.. also plan on bringing out some more guys with there 4 wheelers... I think you will have a bigger crowd in june... plus going to bring my 4 wheelers
  11. time about hour half after gates opened a girl took my money here is some pics (hope the links work) URL=http://www.quadcrazy.com/gallery/view/id_4853/title_mud/][/url]

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