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  1. MUDDIE49


  2. Agree my 09 500HO is been nothing but stealth...and its a work horse
  3. Man thats great you got it back...!!
  4. Muddie in a Mudhole at Losttrails in PA....!!!!
  5. I went to Lost Trails on Monday and it was excellent....narley trails. dusty and plenty of water for your floaters....Check in was fast and the people running the trails were excellent...i'm rating Lost Traisl a 10!! If you want to trail ride you have to try Lost Trails.$35.00 entry fee and 15.00 for a safety Flag unless you have one....Muddie49
  6. I have to 4 strokes 2010 and 2009 and they both have a little knock when idling..from what i hear and what i've experienced...this is pretty normal for 4 strokes....but if your worried you can always take it back and have it checked....Muddie49
  7. Well....the pump is good....the quad is running , the problem was the quads been sitting so long,i had to prime the fuel system, its running....but the carb needs to be cleaned up....i'm going take the carb off and clean it out jets, pilots etc....replace what needs....otherwise my buddy's pretty happy so far...thanks for all your responces and i'm sure, i'll have more questions as this project goes on..Muddie49
  8. Yes i did...the oil filter is in front of the rear wheel on the right side...oil 3.7 quarts is in the rear.....fill plugs rear of trans, plugs below transer case.....Front caseing takes 80w90 GLF-5 fluid.....I hav'nt found the fuel filter and not even sure if theres ones...i'm thinking screens in the fuel shutoff valves,I'll take it apart and see. MUDDIE49:wink:
  9. Thanks for your responces...I did some tests today and found out the Fuel pump is bad,We have Vaccum going to the Fuel pump, but the outlet hose is not flowing threw to the Fuel shutoff valve...to the carb....so before we head out to buy a new F-pump...i'll try priming it.....thanks Fellers.....MUDDIE49:aargh:
  10. Thanks AMj...your right it is vacuum controlled....and i think we have a clogged hose or bad fuel pump....we're going to tear it apart this weekend....I'll let you know what we find....MUDDIE49:aargh:
  11. I'm helping a friend out...i picked up a king quad 1995 and it's not getting any fuel to the Carb...it has good gas flow threw to the petcock but not going into the Carb....,i took the backing plates off the petcock and Fuel dumped out.....do i have a bad petcock or is there a fuel pump somewhere or filter?I don't have a manual but in the process of getting one...I'm trying to help a friend....the petcock is not letting fuel threw to the carb...Can anyone help? Thanks MUDDIE49

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