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  2. No significant damage. Guy put almost 400 miles on it?! Bent up swing arm skid and some scratched up plastic but nothing too bad. Kudos to my bad ass 53 year old father who got it back baseball bat in hand. Re-planning our fathers day Hatfield n McCoy trip! Yeaaaaa hope to see the thief on the local trails....
  3. UPDATE: Raptor found and brought home tonight!!! Got a tip from a local cycle dealer that we dropped a reward flyer off to! Hopefully justice is served and the thief goes to jail. Thanks for the support and happy riding!
  4. No insurance... My fault should've got it insured. Storage is gated and advertises surveillance. When questioned they told me the cameras were decoys. Now seeking legal advice on whether or not the facility can be held accountable. Total mess.
  5. [attach]1177[/attach]
  6. Why would they change the hood?!?! Dumb
  7. It was stolen from a storage shed I rent. Lock busted off and taken.
  8. Any help or info on my red and white raptor 700r stolen in Altoona pa this week would be greatly appreciated. Reward for info that leads to recovery.

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